Higher than the Empire State

Woo!! Thanks for everyone who stopped by at ZineFest! I had a blast hanging out and chatting.

Big old shout out to Penina! Thanks for coming it was SO good to see you my dear. And I'm glad I could fill your belly to bursting.

And Ian McDuffie and Ben Bertin, always a pleasure!

I've been working on some smaller projects, and tying up some loose ends I've let dangle for about a month or so. This is a preview for the Diary Tunes friends, coming soon to a mailbox near you!

Organized all of my teaching stuff, (YES PLASTIC SLEEVED BINDERS!) as well as put all the originals of Cycles into plastic sleeves and a big fatty binder. So that project is officially moved off my desk!

Speaking of Cycles, if you head over to the Store you'll notice two NEW things up. Online sales for FUGUE Part 2 (finally) as well as PRE-ORDERS for Cycles!! Hooray! Check it out, order somethin' if you want. Or just say HEEEYYYYY.

Right now it's time to square away my prep for school for the rest of the year, continue drafting FUGUE Part THREE, and get excited for some AWESOME conventions!

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