You knew that I was free

Since everyone is talking about it, Happy Leap Day friends!

Things are starting to cool down a bit here at BH HQ. I've been combing through Cycles with all the combs I have at my disposal and (hopefully) have caught many and more mistakes, so only the very, very tiny ones that no one will notice will have made it through. Today I'll be making the dummy book to make sure my print file is correct, then we're waiting on one last thing from a friend and it'll be time to send it to the printers! THRILLING!!

Soon my friends... soon!

Toward the end of this project, I'm excited to announce that Nomad Press asked me to illustrate another book for them! That's right, for all your home-science-y projects, turn to Beth Hetland! I can't post any pictures of this book but don't worry, someday you'll see the glory.

And now, my friends, the Beth Hetland convention line-up:

ZineFest, Chicago, March 10th

I'll be tabling with my buddy Tyrell Cannon and very close to some good buddies! Ty and I will be... HERE!

Stumptown, Portland, OR, April 28th and 29th

I'll be tabling with my CCS posse Mr. Pat Barrett, Mr. Ben Horak and Mr. Kevin Uehlein.

TCAF, Toronto, CA, May 5th and 6th

Josh Kramer and I will be cozy table buddies in CANADA!

CAKE, Chicago, June 16th and 17th

Josh Kramer and I will once again be tabling together.

woo! That's a lot friends! And there are a few more that are not as solidified but that's much farther into the future...


  1. whoa there Bethie, don't forget about good ol' SPX! You, me, Pat, and Mr. Dakota McFadzean (http://blog.dakotamcfadzean.com/) will once again be in Bethesda, MD.

    Come see us at --dare I say-- the best East Coast comics event of the year September 15th and 16th. Just look at this line-up! (http://www.spxpo.com/spx-2012)