Ya know nuthin'

BAH! I swore to myself I'd have a post up this afternoon, but I got so carried away finishing Book Three of A Song of Ice and Fire, eating burgers and inking comics that all of a sudden it was MIDNIGHT-FREAKING-THIRTY!!

Sooooooo, I prepped my class for tomorrow, packed my lunch, set the coffee timer and am tucked into my pajamas as I tell you that for our book, I only have 17 pages left to pencil and 28 pages left to ink...YES! The next week or so is the home stretch and then it's on to the marathon that shall be know as Scan-slaught 2012!!

In the meantime, enjoy some disjointed panels of what's to come!

Some cameos of important people. Pep-pep H, Frank, Stevsie, Ollie, Pep-Pep O'C

Celebrity cameos of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

See you soon friends, stay tuned for less forgotten blog posting!

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  1. You so damn cool!
    I commend you on your amazing hard work! The book looks fabulous!