There was somthing queer about it...

My Valentine's Day was spent with my one true love, comics. A wise man once gave a lecture titled "Your Comics Will Love You Back," and boy-howdy have they!!!


The book is finished being penciled, inked and corrected!! Time to start scanning and digital cleaning. We've got our print quote and our loose ends ready to be tied up and then watch out world, this piece of badass-ery will be out and about!

ohhhhh yeaahhhhhh.

I'm in Wisconsin right now, visiting family, friends and listening to a sure to be amazing panel with Lynda Barry, Ivan Brunetti and Chris Ware... WOO WOOO!!!! I'll be sure to report back next week on the INCREDIBLE time I'm sure to have.


  1. Congratulations! That is an AWESOME way to celebrate Valentines! They will love you back, they will.

  2. Yeah, girl, keep it up! (And now, have a drink!)

  3. Thanks friends!! That drank is chillin' but it's not time yet! Congrats to you too Pat, you're rocking out Petchy Girlfy!!