Maker's, Marker, Cranberry Vodka!

No this post is not about my drinking habits (or lack there of) but is yet another teasing update about the progress of Cycles.

But first, some fun stuff. Last week, like I said, I was in Wisconsin, seeing a panel with Ms. Lynda Barry, Mr. Ivan Brunetti and Mr. Chris Ware. It was great to see comic talks. I think that after the people, the thing I miss the most about CCS is the Visiting Artist Lectures and feeling like the Cartoonists who come talk are talking to their peers rather than just the public.

I got to go up afterwords to say hi to Lynda, and she was great and remembered talking to me in WRJ so that was very nice.

I also got to ride up to Wisconsin with Kyle and see my whole family, which can be a rare treat these days with everyone schedules. But nothing brings the Hetlands together like tacos!

I'm headed back up there this weekend to teach a workshop on comics at my friends Church, so that will be a blast and another good amount of time at home.

In between traveling and teaching, I'm scanning and cleaning up Cycles! Which is, in my opinion the least fun part of comics. DIGITAL CLEAN UP. You just have to sort of grit your teeth and charge through it knowing it's tedious, slow and nit-picky work that nearly no one notices. Ha! In light of that, I thought it would be cool to do a blog post about the weird doodles on the back of my originals. Since I'm a kind of messy worker, I will doodle or work out an idea on the back of the page I'm working on, that way I don't have to get scrap paper or a sketchbook.

So here are some of the interesting drawings/notes I found while scanning last week.

Self-explanatory, I think...

Where we decided to eat dinner

When Ben Horak gets here!

Throwing poses from a live model

I think this is telling me to look at Adrian Tomine's sketch book, but I can't be sure.

I must have been tracing the shadow that my dirty glasses was casting...?

Seeing if my china marker will look okay with ink

Working out the sign for the shop


This is definitely a Jon Chad quote... "Narrative completion, facial resurfacing experiment" AKA Alec shaved his beard... hahaha

Couldn't figure one of these out for a while...

Back-porch stairs for the Professor and Dorothy's building

Breakfast smiley face

Floor plans

Maybe next week you'll get some comics? Mayyyybee... if you're good...


  1. That hummingbird...oh, man...
    We need to schedule our m&c party, bay-bay!
    Still proud and excited of/for you. Let me know if you need dinner this week.