You knew that I was free

Since everyone is talking about it, Happy Leap Day friends!

Things are starting to cool down a bit here at BH HQ. I've been combing through Cycles with all the combs I have at my disposal and (hopefully) have caught many and more mistakes, so only the very, very tiny ones that no one will notice will have made it through. Today I'll be making the dummy book to make sure my print file is correct, then we're waiting on one last thing from a friend and it'll be time to send it to the printers! THRILLING!!

Soon my friends... soon!

Toward the end of this project, I'm excited to announce that Nomad Press asked me to illustrate another book for them! That's right, for all your home-science-y projects, turn to Beth Hetland! I can't post any pictures of this book but don't worry, someday you'll see the glory.

And now, my friends, the Beth Hetland convention line-up:

ZineFest, Chicago, March 10th

I'll be tabling with my buddy Tyrell Cannon and very close to some good buddies! Ty and I will be... HERE!

Stumptown, Portland, OR, April 28th and 29th

I'll be tabling with my CCS posse Mr. Pat Barrett, Mr. Ben Horak and Mr. Kevin Uehlein.

TCAF, Toronto, CA, May 5th and 6th

Josh Kramer and I will be cozy table buddies in CANADA!

CAKE, Chicago, June 16th and 17th

Josh Kramer and I will once again be tabling together.

woo! That's a lot friends! And there are a few more that are not as solidified but that's much farther into the future...


Maker's, Marker, Cranberry Vodka!

No this post is not about my drinking habits (or lack there of) but is yet another teasing update about the progress of Cycles.

But first, some fun stuff. Last week, like I said, I was in Wisconsin, seeing a panel with Ms. Lynda Barry, Mr. Ivan Brunetti and Mr. Chris Ware. It was great to see comic talks. I think that after the people, the thing I miss the most about CCS is the Visiting Artist Lectures and feeling like the Cartoonists who come talk are talking to their peers rather than just the public.

I got to go up afterwords to say hi to Lynda, and she was great and remembered talking to me in WRJ so that was very nice.

I also got to ride up to Wisconsin with Kyle and see my whole family, which can be a rare treat these days with everyone schedules. But nothing brings the Hetlands together like tacos!

I'm headed back up there this weekend to teach a workshop on comics at my friends Church, so that will be a blast and another good amount of time at home.

In between traveling and teaching, I'm scanning and cleaning up Cycles! Which is, in my opinion the least fun part of comics. DIGITAL CLEAN UP. You just have to sort of grit your teeth and charge through it knowing it's tedious, slow and nit-picky work that nearly no one notices. Ha! In light of that, I thought it would be cool to do a blog post about the weird doodles on the back of my originals. Since I'm a kind of messy worker, I will doodle or work out an idea on the back of the page I'm working on, that way I don't have to get scrap paper or a sketchbook.

So here are some of the interesting drawings/notes I found while scanning last week.

Self-explanatory, I think...

Where we decided to eat dinner

When Ben Horak gets here!

Throwing poses from a live model

I think this is telling me to look at Adrian Tomine's sketch book, but I can't be sure.

I must have been tracing the shadow that my dirty glasses was casting...?

Seeing if my china marker will look okay with ink

Working out the sign for the shop


This is definitely a Jon Chad quote... "Narrative completion, facial resurfacing experiment" AKA Alec shaved his beard... hahaha

Couldn't figure one of these out for a while...

Back-porch stairs for the Professor and Dorothy's building

Breakfast smiley face

Floor plans

Maybe next week you'll get some comics? Mayyyybee... if you're good...


There was somthing queer about it...

My Valentine's Day was spent with my one true love, comics. A wise man once gave a lecture titled "Your Comics Will Love You Back," and boy-howdy have they!!!


The book is finished being penciled, inked and corrected!! Time to start scanning and digital cleaning. We've got our print quote and our loose ends ready to be tied up and then watch out world, this piece of badass-ery will be out and about!

ohhhhh yeaahhhhhh.

I'm in Wisconsin right now, visiting family, friends and listening to a sure to be amazing panel with Lynda Barry, Ivan Brunetti and Chris Ware... WOO WOOO!!!! I'll be sure to report back next week on the INCREDIBLE time I'm sure to have.


Ya know nuthin'

BAH! I swore to myself I'd have a post up this afternoon, but I got so carried away finishing Book Three of A Song of Ice and Fire, eating burgers and inking comics that all of a sudden it was MIDNIGHT-FREAKING-THIRTY!!

Sooooooo, I prepped my class for tomorrow, packed my lunch, set the coffee timer and am tucked into my pajamas as I tell you that for our book, I only have 17 pages left to pencil and 28 pages left to ink...YES! The next week or so is the home stretch and then it's on to the marathon that shall be know as Scan-slaught 2012!!

In the meantime, enjoy some disjointed panels of what's to come!

Some cameos of important people. Pep-pep H, Frank, Stevsie, Ollie, Pep-Pep O'C

Celebrity cameos of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

See you soon friends, stay tuned for less forgotten blog posting!


Eight Days a Week!

Happy, happy day my friends!! I'm giving you a short update because 1. I've a wicked cold and want to save my energy, 2. It's my birthday and 3. I have COMICS to draw!!!

Last week I finished inking 100 pages of this beast!

All that's left is this measly little pile of 42 pages... get real! I eat that for BREAKFAST!

Here's the tally, feels good to see all those number crossed off.

And here are some random pages:

And here's the FIRST bicycle ride!

This is a sneak peak at what I'm working on right now... oh my... could that be... a FOUR-TIER GRID?!

Get. Excited.