Blows the dust of her blog... Oh THERE you are Peter!!! Boy it's been a while huh? And what, you might ask, have I even been doing with all this time that I can't sit down and blog? Well, friends, relaxing... and working... work-laxing... I'll be staggering some information as we truck along in this terrible month. But first, the most exciting news, my class filled up so fast that they decided to offer a second section of it!!! This is the poster I made to advertise for it! Hooray for comics!

Tomorrow I'm teaching two workshops at Rome Corners Intermediate School (aka my mom's school) and giving six presentations! Yikes!! Saturday I'm back in Chicago giving portfolio reviews along side my buddy Kyle O'Connell at SAIC's Stop, Drop and (En)Roll! Saturday night I'll be visiting with some good friends who are in town (Andy and Darci I'm talkin' about you!). BUT THE FUN DOESN'T END YET! More to come on that topic soon!

I thumbed an entire version of FUGUE Part 3, but it was headed in the wrong direction so I'm back to square one (boo). BUT Kyle and I broke page 60 in Cycles. We're really pushing to finish this puppy up!!

In other exciting news, I joined twitter... so if you do that sort of thing, come find me... @bethhetland Have a good week!


  1. Hernandez, Mazzuchelli? Damn girl!

  2. Oh I'm not as cool as you think, we're just reading their books. hahaha. I wish they were coming in!