Life goes on

Brain Frame went great! Thanks for coming out y'all!! And for those who didn't make it, don't worry, there will be internet video sometime soon! I'll let you know.

And my buddy Sally Carson came out for the show and it was GREAT paling around with her. Miss you Sal Pal, thanks for coming!!

(this is her and her buddy at the Shedd)

In other news, SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW, HOORAY!! I'm super pumped to see some of my dudes again and meet new dudes, and mostly talk about and make comics ALL DAY! I hope these folks are ready for a rigorous semester, cause boy howdy, will we be busy.

Kyle and I created a little mock-up of our cover, and had a really great brain storm last night getting there.

Right now, the ENTIRE script is completed and read through. I have finished penciling NINTY-FOUR PAGES and finished inking EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES! I've been burning through pages at a mean rate of 5 pencils and 3 inks a day! (that's 21 completed pages a week...MATH) And there's no letting up now.

I think next week I'll show you all some pages you haven't seen. You've been very good at waiting patiently friends. Woo!

It's getting exciting here as my convention schedule starts to fill up, so far I'm confirmed for Chicago ZineFest, Portland Stumptown and Toronto TCAF... waiting to hear from CAKE (chicago) before things get solidified for the season... but yowza that's a lot!

See ya next week friend!

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  1. So much good stuff happening at once. People, I can now personally vouch for Beth's insane page count. Phew! Smoke rises from Beth's drawing board when she's on the job. Bristol quakes in her path!! Pentel Pocket Brushes plead for mercy!!!!