Damn, gurl, Damn, gurl, Damn, gurl, Damn!

Just in time for the Internet strike, how about a blog update!

While keeping up with my busy, busy schedule, I'm getting excited for a few things.

1. THIS THURSDAY, at 8pm, if you're in Chicago you can come see me and my friends wear funny costumes and re-enact my comics... IN REAL LIFE! It's a part of Brain Frame which is a performance comics reading run by Lyra Hill (a totally rad SAIC graduate). It'll be at 1542 N. Milwaukee the 2nd floor. Here is a little teaser from our Final Dress Rehearsal...

Kelly Pfeifer as Alison, Me as Mom, Anna Gorman as Beth, and Cleo Ngiam as Rachel
(all photos courtesy of Ryan McDaniel)

Also with this show my buddy Sally Carson is coming to see it and pal around for a few days!

2. CYCLES!! Oh my dear friends have Kyle and I been working hard! We are back on the productivity wheel, and just cracked page 70 of completed comics! Kyle has written us to page 101, and is working on wrapping up the ending pretty quick. I've been on a rigorous schedule of 5 pencils and 3 inks A DAY! And keeping up with it! Finally, the challenge I longed for. Plus, they FINALLY started robbing some banks. YES!

3. Drawn Out Storytelling!! If you're in the New York area this weekend, be sure to go to the Tank Theater (151 W. 46th) at 9:30pm to see an amazing show with artwork by YOURS TRULY! My dudes, Lena Chandhok and Paul Swartz, are head honcho's for this cool OTHER performance-y comics type thing and I have to admit, I'm very honored they asked me to be a part of it.

4. School is starting soon and I've been hard at work collecting assignments, lectures and handouts for this next batch of cartoonists. Very excited for what the semester might bring us! And I just finished teaching a little workshop for SAIC and it was AWESOME! My students for the day were very excited and made some fantastic comics!

Penciling, Inking, Copying, Folding, Cutting and TRADING!

Hard work pays off!

Here's my comic that I made, inspired by the newest section of writing from Kyle...

And then you open it up and you see...

Well that's about it for me now! If you're in Chicago or New York, I hope you have a BLAST checking out these cool comic events... If not, don't worry they'll be recorded and on the web soon enough...


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA, Cleo as Rachel's face!!!!!!!
    P.S. Spell check, woman: withdrawal. <3

  2. No love, Ma. I blame Kyle but he and I decided that since you're so good at finding our mess ups you will be in charge of proofing our book. That way if something ends up wrong it's on your head ha ha ha. We are cruel. (Thanks for the fix)