They're probably drinkin' coffee...

It happened, my friends, the semester is coming to a close and I've officially been a teacher for one semester! What. A. Ride. All my students are putting together really stellar projects and I can't wait to see them. (Last classes are Friday and next Monday) These guys really make me work hard to stay a head of them. Since they all have to put together multiples of some kind for each class and exchange them, I thought fair was only fair to also make multiples to give them, too.

Here is one of mine. It's called "Breakfast with Beth." A student showed me Jason Shiga's website and through that I learned about this really cool interactive book design using only one sheet of paper. (but it's not the hidden book way... it's SOOO much cooler!). But you get to make three choices as you go through this comic. The story is inspired by my struggles with being an adult especially early in the morning. When I worked for Dartmouth I had a very specific morning routine that I had to develop quickly. The more simple the routine the easier I can do it while I'm half asleep. When I moved back to Chicago, I needed to create a new breakfast routine... and let's just say, this old dog had a hard time learning new tricks.

So it starts with me curled up in bed with a little blanket...

Then you pull the blanket off and I'm grouchy...

It flips open to start the story...

I decide to make some coffee, but can't remember where the grounds go in a french press. You decide, do they go in the top? Or in the bottom?

Top? Let's try it...

Uh-Oh... maybe? Then you have two more options that lead to you two possible endings... but let's say you decide to go back and try again...

Bottom! Let's try it!

Alright! Now you get to choose what we're gonna try and eat... toast or cereal... which lead to two more endings.

My second mini I made for my other class is forth coming, but again ended up being about the creation of food in my house. Inspired by Mr. Jon Chad and his lovely book "Whaletown" which is another one page mini but unfolds itself from a small panel to a large one. The crux of this type of book really lends itself to an escalation story. Which I turned into a tale about my roommate Amanda and her impulsive soup-making style.

Both of these mini's really allowed me to play with format, color and new processes which are all things I haven't done since before starting Fugue. Not that I am resentful, but my little brain loves to have a structure to build a story around. Not to mention of course it puts into practice some print techniques I've learned but never been able to utilize.

In other news, the book I illustrated for Nomad Press has been getting some attention which is very exciting! And I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed at Columbia College this morning to talk about comics and teaching.

It was a real studio with teleprompters and everything!

The link for the segment is coming soon. (Don't make fun of me too much, I got real nervous when they put that mic on me!)

BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, Kyle and I have hit page 50 of our comic called Cycles! Can't wait to share that puppy with the world! Tune in next week for more.

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