You can't always get what you want

Greetings true believers! Welcome to November! That means a few things.

Number one: Yesterday began NaGraNoWriMo which I am participating in this year! We'll see how I do.
Number two: This weekend I'll be tabling at MIX with Mr. Andrew Christensen, right next to my friends from CCS, and behind my friends from SAIC. We're at table 24, RIGHT HERE

So if you're in the area, stop on by!
Number three: If you haven't heard about it yet, these guys, my friends from SAIC are trying to put up this Kickstarter, they've come SO far and they are almost there! Help them out and get some slick goodies. In their final countdown, go pledge 5 dollars for a dream!
Number four: Who wants to hear about how Bloomington was?! Oooohhh me!
Bloomington was great! It was a nice little break from the big city life. Rode the bus down and who met me at the station? None other than Betsey Swardlick, Penina Gal, and Denis St. John! What a sight for sore eyes! We went home and promptly ate pumpkin pancakes which were delicious. On Tuesday, we went to faboo Thai place for lunch and hit up the comics shop where I spotted this hanging out on the shelf:

Then Denis took me on a tour of his old stomping grounds on the IU campus. We went to their Rare Book Library which was AWESOME and I saw some amazing pieces from their collection, INCLUDING issue number one of X-Men!! We also went to their arcade, in.. some building I can't remember the name, and they had...PINBALL OF COURSE!

Left to Right: Monopoly (out of order), Iron Man (Which thankfully Denis stopped me from playing... BOYCOTT MARVEL!), Family Guy and CSI.

He and I couldn't resist playing a few rounds of Big Buck Hunter.

Guess who won...heh.

That night, Betsey enlisted my help in their preparations for a party... They needed some crafting STAT! So the two of us papier mache-d our brains out building... what?


Some other notable things about Bloomington:

Ghostbusters live there.

Jon Chad's favorite apples live there.

Footprints of cartoonists who've passed through are everywhere!

Penina took me out to some much needed diner therapy, and we filled out the placemat!

Denis gave me some cool stickers of his work, and I got around to stickin' 'em on stuff. I think it's a pretty funny mash-up of our personalities. Hahahaha.

Long story short, I had a blast. Thanks to y'all for showing me around, and a big, big, BIG special thanks to the girls for letting me crash, in all meanings of the word.

Next week, maybe some comics updates from... WHITE RIVER JUNCTION!