Well kind of! Dear readers, today is November 30th, the last day for NaGraNoWriMo... and if we recall, I should have about a 100 page completed graphic novel right now...

Long story short... I do not have 100 pages. Nor a completed book. BUT THAT'S OKAY Y'ALL. Kyle and I have been working really hard and just the way that we worked it out, our lives got in the way a bit more than expected! I'd like to give props and take all my hats off for Colleen Frakes who not only started NaGraNoWriMo, but completed and obtained her goal two years in a row!

Tonight just after midnight I'll give an update and a special sneak peak of what we do have completed. We're planning on still traveling through this book at lightning speed and hope to complete it before the new year. What a ride! We both feel very proud about what we've got so far, and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

We decided on the title, Cycles... and here's the opening image of the book! Stay tuned for more tonight.