Oh lookie what I found!

Happy October, y'all!! I've just returned from my first National Portfolio Day events in Cincinnati and in Cleveland. It was a really awesome and educational experience. I had a blast traveling with Kyle and even more fun talking to so many excited and talented prospective students. I'm greatly looking forward to my other two events for Admissions this month!

For this blog post, I thought for a nice change of pace, I'd let someone else talk about what I'm doing for a little bit. Remember when my friend Colleen Frakes was here?

She blogged about the fun here!

Remember when I went to that show, SPX? So does Mary!! Check out her AMAZING photos from the event... seems like there's a lot more to come! But here are a few of yours truly and her attractive table mates...

I wish I could hear what I was saying in this last sequence... I must have meant it!

Also my friend Jes Standefer from SAIC interviewed me for Sixty Inches From Center

and you can read the whole thing here!

And here's another cool article about the show here!

In my own work news, my goal is to have all of book three for fugue thumbnailed by the end of October... can I keep that? It'll be YOUR JOB internet friends to make sure I stay on target!

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. It was awesome meeting you! I'm sure I've said that before..
    I really need to get the rest of the SPX pictures up, this post was a good reminder to do so!