Got somethin' to say right now

Well I've been a busy bear!

Working on screen-printing and re-printing copies of Fugue Parts 1 and 2 to be ready for MIX in early November, being REVIEWED, getting INTERVIEWED, TWICE, teaching, and on top of all of that, guess what arrived at my house this week?! My copies of the book I illustrated for Nomad Press!! You can order it here. In the wise words of my Dad, "Who knew Garbage would pay! hyuck hyuck hyuck." Thanks, pops!

Last week was also spent wrapping up the gallery show CartoonINK. The closing last Friday was a blast, and my good pal and mentor was in town for the show, so it was amazing to spend some time with her.

Speaking of spending time, my boo, Mr. Denis St. John is tabling with my former roommies, Team Werewolf!, at the Dark Carnival Film Fest in Bloomington, IN this weekend! And with that, he's debuting the newest chapter of his comic Amelia. I'll actually be headed down there for a brief visit next week!

(back cover of part 4)
It's a really great story and will leave you chomping at the bit for more! In this particular issue, yours truly has some fan art inside! If you ever doubted my ability to draw sexy ladies, DOUBT NO FURTHER...

This is Amelia who just beat up Betty Boop... the two ladies of Denis' life fighting each other, what could be more lovely? So go pick up a copy today, y'all!

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