Good Grief!

It's WEDNESDAY! Happy day my friends! Did you know, and I'm sure you did, that I haven't posted any comics here since JUNE?! Oh my GOODness. That makes me quite sad. And sadder yet, although I am working hard on book three of Fugue, it will be QUITE some time before you all get to see any of it! (Probably not till January! Yuckers...) BUT I thought of a good plan. I have tons of comics you haven't seen that I can now show you. Some anthology pieces, some bits of some pin ups, and I can show you the Book-A-Month issues now that they're done. (Yes some of you out there, I still have copies of March, April and May to send you... ACK, mail guilt!)

Anywhoo, to kick us off with some comics, I give you the story that Kyle O'Connell wrote and I drew as our submission and version of how he and I met Xerox Candy Bar. It's a little strange, but I had a fun time doing it. And I'm posting this because this is the LAST WEEK you can see the CartoonINK! show that it up at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago. Show closes this Saturday! Check it out if you're in the area.

Thanks for reading! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love it! Colt 45 and a bone folder... That's good stuff.

  2. I may not understand this comic, but I know that my legs are in it! One of the things that I remember clearly was Kyle drawing the funny way I was standing while we were getting food at Taco Bell. Pretty cool that you guys wrote a book too. It was fun to see what you two have been up to over these past few years.-Jess Herriges