No fear!

Greetings from Bloomington, IN!! I'm currently reporting on location at Casa de Swardlick/Gal. I'm visiting some friends who are close enough to visit via a 5 hour bus ride!

Sunday I spent reviewing portfolios for the second largest National Portfolio day, Monday I taught all day, and then hopped a bus to Indiana. Tonight I'm giving more portfolio reviews with Mr. Kyle O'Connell in Indianapolis, resting up on Thursday with another 5 hour bus ride, and back to teaching on Friday! Busy, busy, busy!

And coming up the first weekend in November (5th and 6th) is MIX! And I'll be there tabling with Andy Christensen and near some other buddies as well! Lena Chandhok, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, Lale Westvind, and Ian McDuffie to name a few!

And I have pages in the new Anthology Lies Grown-Ups Told Me. Here's the beginning of my story!

In other news, check out who's face is on the main page of The Center for Cartoon Studies home page!!

See you next week followers, from my own home in Chicago! This is Beth Hetland, signing off.


Got somethin' to say right now

Well I've been a busy bear!

Working on screen-printing and re-printing copies of Fugue Parts 1 and 2 to be ready for MIX in early November, being REVIEWED, getting INTERVIEWED, TWICE, teaching, and on top of all of that, guess what arrived at my house this week?! My copies of the book I illustrated for Nomad Press!! You can order it here. In the wise words of my Dad, "Who knew Garbage would pay! hyuck hyuck hyuck." Thanks, pops!

Last week was also spent wrapping up the gallery show CartoonINK. The closing last Friday was a blast, and my good pal and mentor was in town for the show, so it was amazing to spend some time with her.

Speaking of spending time, my boo, Mr. Denis St. John is tabling with my former roommies, Team Werewolf!, at the Dark Carnival Film Fest in Bloomington, IN this weekend! And with that, he's debuting the newest chapter of his comic Amelia. I'll actually be headed down there for a brief visit next week!

(back cover of part 4)
It's a really great story and will leave you chomping at the bit for more! In this particular issue, yours truly has some fan art inside! If you ever doubted my ability to draw sexy ladies, DOUBT NO FURTHER...

This is Amelia who just beat up Betty Boop... the two ladies of Denis' life fighting each other, what could be more lovely? So go pick up a copy today, y'all!


'cause on a one to ten she's a certified twenty

Dear friends!!! Check out this amazingly awesome review from the one and only amazing Mr. Rob Clough of my books Fugue!

"The first two issues of Beth Hetland's Fugue are indicative of a young artist who has taken on an ambitious, personal project as one of her first major works. Choosing to attempt to depict music on the comics page is a particularly difficult trick for a young artist, but Hetland's obvious understanding of musical composition turned this into one of the comic's main strengths."

Thanks so much Rob!! I'm even more excited for part three now!


Good Grief!

It's WEDNESDAY! Happy day my friends! Did you know, and I'm sure you did, that I haven't posted any comics here since JUNE?! Oh my GOODness. That makes me quite sad. And sadder yet, although I am working hard on book three of Fugue, it will be QUITE some time before you all get to see any of it! (Probably not till January! Yuckers...) BUT I thought of a good plan. I have tons of comics you haven't seen that I can now show you. Some anthology pieces, some bits of some pin ups, and I can show you the Book-A-Month issues now that they're done. (Yes some of you out there, I still have copies of March, April and May to send you... ACK, mail guilt!)

Anywhoo, to kick us off with some comics, I give you the story that Kyle O'Connell wrote and I drew as our submission and version of how he and I met Xerox Candy Bar. It's a little strange, but I had a fun time doing it. And I'm posting this because this is the LAST WEEK you can see the CartoonINK! show that it up at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago. Show closes this Saturday! Check it out if you're in the area.

Thanks for reading! Have a great Wednesday!


Oh lookie what I found!

Happy October, y'all!! I've just returned from my first National Portfolio Day events in Cincinnati and in Cleveland. It was a really awesome and educational experience. I had a blast traveling with Kyle and even more fun talking to so many excited and talented prospective students. I'm greatly looking forward to my other two events for Admissions this month!

For this blog post, I thought for a nice change of pace, I'd let someone else talk about what I'm doing for a little bit. Remember when my friend Colleen Frakes was here?

She blogged about the fun here!

Remember when I went to that show, SPX? So does Mary!! Check out her AMAZING photos from the event... seems like there's a lot more to come! But here are a few of yours truly and her attractive table mates...

I wish I could hear what I was saying in this last sequence... I must have meant it!

Also my friend Jes Standefer from SAIC interviewed me for Sixty Inches From Center

and you can read the whole thing here!

And here's another cool article about the show here!

In my own work news, my goal is to have all of book three for fugue thumbnailed by the end of October... can I keep that? It'll be YOUR JOB internet friends to make sure I stay on target!

Have a good Wednesday!