We takin' ovvvvaaaaahhh!

This weekend marks the occasion of two very big events! One I will be at, and one I will be at in spirit! First up, hey East coast! I'ma comin' at you! I'll be in Bethesda, MD at the one and only Small Press Expo where I will be tabling at E9 with some very handsome and talented cartoonists, Pat Barrett, Josh Kramer, and Dakota McFadzean. We're right next to the CCS table and we'll be selling our wares and wearing our sales! It's my first time at this show so stop by, say hello and read some comics! I'll have copies of parts 1 and 2 of Fugue, (This is what it might look like... sorry Ben Ho, and Dakota for that matter...)

Next up for those of you in the Chicago-land area, there is an excellent show opening at the NEW Betty Rhymer Gallery at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, called CartoonInk! Emerging Comics in Context. It's a really great show full of original comics pages by Ken Dahl, Anders Nilsen, Chris Ware, Kevin Huizenga, Ian McDuffie, Vanessa Davis, Jeremy Tinder, Ben Bertin, Kyle O'Connell, myself and more! Stop by between Sept. 9th and October 15th!

For this show, I helped put up an installation room representing the past, present and future of the student run zine I was an editor for while in school. Check out some sweet process photos! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this room, it looks spectacular!

The space! Raw! New! Fresh!

The brilliant Ben Bertin painting a grid.

Left to right, Kyle O'Connell, Sara Drake, Ben Bertin starring in the white shirt club as they work on the big 'how-to' comic on the wall.

The big timeline of editors and what issues they put out in progress...

Details on the big comic that Ben Bertin slaved over.

My new favorite diagram!

When we thought we were done...

Our soldiers readying for battle.

Kyle O'Connell put paint to wall as he fills in the blacks on some lettering.

Look at that!

That little airplane ties it all together.

You guys started it all!!!

Hot dog! Look at that fatty stack of books!



Scalding. (disclaimer: issue #2 has now been hung also...)

Oh I'm sorry, did you not see how great this room looks?

Thank you, Richard Brautigan, the founders, Sullivan Galleries, Jeremy, Christa, Surabhi, and everyone who has ever contributed to XCB... and I suppose thanks Fnews, for the... ahem... catalyst.

Come to the show to witness its full glory and participate in the next issue of XCB!

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