My feet catch blisters

GOOD HEAVENS! Is it Friday already? Oh man, oh man... I did it again ya'll... Ah well, life happens, eh?

So where have I been? Oh I don't know, maybe a little place called the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD?! Last Friday, we may remember that I taught a class (on pacing no less!) and then booked it for the train to catch a plane to catch a bus to end up in the heart--and heat-- of Washington DC. Myself and my very handsome table mates all stayed at our own Josh Kramer and his lovely lady, Alli's humble abode. Also they had kittens.



The convention was fantastic for us. It was all of our first times tabling and I'd have to say, we'll probably be back again. What a hoot. The second day was pretty emotional for a lot of people as the Comics community took a big hit at the passing of Dylan Williams, read about him here. But it was good that so many people were able to be with each other and help support one another in such a hard time.

The boys and I were able to still be our goofy selves keeping spirits up and enjoying our days... enjoy some moments captured of the trip:

90% comics, 10% pajamas

Dakota and Pat set up some comics on the table

My section of comics

SPX was full of familiar faces! Mia, Lawrence and Carol hanging out at the Boom! table

Josh writes some pricing signs, and you can see more of the table, work by me, Dakota McFadzean, Josh Kramer, Ben Horak and Pat Barrett. A fine spread indeed!

Lookin' sharp friends!

Buy. Our. Books.

One small child examines my business cards, while the other is bored out of his mind by being dragged to such a lame event.

Dakota got a Nerdlinger from the one and only Denis St. John, I'm holding it looking shocked, Dakota fears cameras, Pat models and Josh is invisible




Kevin Huizenga! Oh my!

SPX was a hoot, but what a hard thing again to say goodbye to all these people I love.

BUT ALSO guess who's in town!!!!

Colleen Frakes!

She gave a talk to my class!

And made a drawing!

Hey! Look who's on the list at Quimby's!

Oh, right, and pinball...

Well stay tuned for more in the future.


  1. Hi Beth!, we met briefly at SPX and I took a few pictures of you/ the table- I can send you the pictures via email- or if not, they'll be up on my blog eventually.
    It was great meeting you!

  2. Hi Mary! I remember you!!! I'd love those pictures, you can email them to beth.hetland@gmail.com!!

    thanks so much,
    Hope to see you again on my next excursion to WRJ.