Is this it?

It sure it readers! This is my life, and I am lovin' it. Since comics are still on the slow goin's I want to share some more photos with you of where I've been, what I've been doing, and who's passed through town!

A while back, Kyle and I got up real early on a Saturday and waited in line for about an hour here...

The Doughnut Vault

I also dragged Colleen here two weekends after this trip with Kyle... ha.

Love this sign! The Fest was okay, I feel like I went too early to want to stuff myself with pie though which is the only reason to go...

XCB! SUBMIT! DO IT! (if you're SAIC) My favorite bird is the one saying 'Marf Marf Marf!' lol wut.

A certain former roommate blasted through town attending a wedding. But don't worry... she brought enough chapstick to share with the whole bridal party!

Another very special cartoonist stayed with me for a day or so on her epic journey back west. Here she is enjoying the CartoonINK! show at 33 S. State St. in the Sullivan Galleries! (Check it out before the closing on October 14th)

It was good to be surrounded once again by my second family of Cartoonists. Class of 2011, we really ought to think about a reunion, like an official reunion sometime in the future...

Coming soon: I'll be traveling to Ohio for some business (and pleasure), then a short break while I catch up on Horror movies at the Music Box, then perhaps another cartoonist passes through Chicago, and finally wrapping up October with a mini roadtrip to nuzzle some very important folks who I haven't seen in far too long. Oh, and maybe JUST MAYBE, some comics...


  1. OHMIGAWD. We should totally have a 5 year reunion with the theme "Our 25th year reunion." We can dress up as our future selves!

  2. Law-Dawg... I am 100% interested in this!

  3. Lawrence, that is the funniest thing I've read in a week. Thanks for the morning laugh!