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Why hello there, dear readers! I'm sorry to say that since my last post was on Friday (oops), not much has happened since then. Mostly I've been getting over my post SPX cold and playing tour guide to the fantabulous Ms. Colleen Frakes. Oh and teaching my classes of course!

So in the world of Beth, I still haven't made any new comics (boo) BUT I've begun working on the third part of Fugue that will be completed in February and debut at whatever con is close to then... Stumptown? MoCCA? TCAF? Zine Fest? CAKE? All of these are beeeeaaauuuutiful options! Also there is a top secret project that will be beginning in November... Hrm what else happens in November that this may be related...more details to follow on THAT!

This week on facebook, I saw a plea from on of my good pal of mine about how to store french curves so that they are accessible but not in the way. And that got me thinking that you all haven't seen my studio space! What I was thinking I'd do here, is show a little history of studio spaces...

Your senior year at CCS you get to share a big studio room with your classmates. It was probably one of the best places I've ever worked. Not just for the people because they're fun, but it really gave me a place to 'clock in' and not work on or think about anything else but my comics. And since it was shared, there was almost always someone there working while you were. At times this could be bothersome, but more often than not it was encouraging, helpful and something to look forward to. There was always a sounding board around when you needed one. At the same time, the moments when you had the studio all to yourself were equally treasured. My favorite time was early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes Andy Christensen was there, but other times no one until 10am or 11am. To my immediate left was Josh Kramer, and to my immediate right was Nomi Kane.

Blurry detail of some things on my desk.

At the same time as this senior studio desk, I also had a shared studio at home in Lady Acres. Although that summer I used it a ton, once the school year hit, I worked at the Senior Studio and my desk at home became a really great piling zone for my work bag, books, scraps, etc...

As the end of the year neared, I realized I would be loosing that amazing space. So I asked Alec Longstreth if anyone in his studio (in the Gates-Briggs building) was leaving to let me know! And sure enough, they had a space open and I was granted secret key access to an amazing studio space! Another one shared with artists, but this time a much smaller group of alumni. Alec Longstreth, Jon Chad, Katherine Roy, Alex Kim, Keny Widjaja, Joseph Lambert, Jason Lutes and Pat Barrett. Now that studio houses R. Sikoryak! This was an early picture of my space in the studio, so it's not decorated, but you get the idea...

I am now in Chicago, as you know, and again I am blessed in having two desks! I realized that sitting on the internet and doing digital work for me needed to be seperated from wherever it was I was drawing. It would slowly creep into that creative space and take over. And with teaching, I needed a space to be assembling lesson plans, lectures, handouts and more that WASN'T my drawing table.

Pictured above is my 'work table' that I do any digital stuff, internet stuff, school stuff and watching netflix sometimes stuff. This is usually in a very messy state as I juggle several things a day here.

THIS is my drawing desk! Huzzah! A little crowded since when we've had visitors recently we have a mattress that's propped up against part of the wall, but it's a really good space, quiet, no distractions and I've been able to get all of my SPX stuff done there as well as two pinups that you can see sneaking out of the 'to do' pile...

A very blurry 'beneath' the table shot. Where my light box, plastic supplies drawers and legs go.

Just the desk surface. That big pile of bristol to the right? That's Fugue!

Sometime soon, comics!


  1. I'm gonna miss the CLICK CLICK CLICK of that clock to my right

  2. I love this! Thanks for posting pics Beth! I totally agree about separating your comprooter stuffs from your drawing stuffs. It's so necessary. I have all my digital crapola in a whole 'nother room now.

  3. Um, there's something ELSE fabulous that happens in November...

  4. Whoa! The telegraph studio is unrecognizable in those pictures. Glad I had a change to work there for a night or two when it was in its full paper-chain glory.

  5. very nice, I always like studio tours. And nice computer!

  6. @Josh, yeah right?! I miss the live action RSS feed that is Josh Kramer to my left!

    @Sally, no problemo man, it's all for you chilibean!

    @Ma... thanksgiving? ;)

    @Dakota, Yeah I hope I get to see what your studio looks like sometime! Maybe you guys should create a paper chain!

    @Kevin, thanks man, what are you working on these days? (half of the computer was a graduation present!)