Is this it?

It sure it readers! This is my life, and I am lovin' it. Since comics are still on the slow goin's I want to share some more photos with you of where I've been, what I've been doing, and who's passed through town!

A while back, Kyle and I got up real early on a Saturday and waited in line for about an hour here...

The Doughnut Vault

I also dragged Colleen here two weekends after this trip with Kyle... ha.

Love this sign! The Fest was okay, I feel like I went too early to want to stuff myself with pie though which is the only reason to go...

XCB! SUBMIT! DO IT! (if you're SAIC) My favorite bird is the one saying 'Marf Marf Marf!' lol wut.

A certain former roommate blasted through town attending a wedding. But don't worry... she brought enough chapstick to share with the whole bridal party!

Another very special cartoonist stayed with me for a day or so on her epic journey back west. Here she is enjoying the CartoonINK! show at 33 S. State St. in the Sullivan Galleries! (Check it out before the closing on October 14th)

It was good to be surrounded once again by my second family of Cartoonists. Class of 2011, we really ought to think about a reunion, like an official reunion sometime in the future...

Coming soon: I'll be traveling to Ohio for some business (and pleasure), then a short break while I catch up on Horror movies at the Music Box, then perhaps another cartoonist passes through Chicago, and finally wrapping up October with a mini roadtrip to nuzzle some very important folks who I haven't seen in far too long. Oh, and maybe JUST MAYBE, some comics...


I'll write you

Why hello there, dear readers! I'm sorry to say that since my last post was on Friday (oops), not much has happened since then. Mostly I've been getting over my post SPX cold and playing tour guide to the fantabulous Ms. Colleen Frakes. Oh and teaching my classes of course!

So in the world of Beth, I still haven't made any new comics (boo) BUT I've begun working on the third part of Fugue that will be completed in February and debut at whatever con is close to then... Stumptown? MoCCA? TCAF? Zine Fest? CAKE? All of these are beeeeaaauuuutiful options! Also there is a top secret project that will be beginning in November... Hrm what else happens in November that this may be related...more details to follow on THAT!

This week on facebook, I saw a plea from on of my good pal of mine about how to store french curves so that they are accessible but not in the way. And that got me thinking that you all haven't seen my studio space! What I was thinking I'd do here, is show a little history of studio spaces...

Your senior year at CCS you get to share a big studio room with your classmates. It was probably one of the best places I've ever worked. Not just for the people because they're fun, but it really gave me a place to 'clock in' and not work on or think about anything else but my comics. And since it was shared, there was almost always someone there working while you were. At times this could be bothersome, but more often than not it was encouraging, helpful and something to look forward to. There was always a sounding board around when you needed one. At the same time, the moments when you had the studio all to yourself were equally treasured. My favorite time was early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes Andy Christensen was there, but other times no one until 10am or 11am. To my immediate left was Josh Kramer, and to my immediate right was Nomi Kane.

Blurry detail of some things on my desk.

At the same time as this senior studio desk, I also had a shared studio at home in Lady Acres. Although that summer I used it a ton, once the school year hit, I worked at the Senior Studio and my desk at home became a really great piling zone for my work bag, books, scraps, etc...

As the end of the year neared, I realized I would be loosing that amazing space. So I asked Alec Longstreth if anyone in his studio (in the Gates-Briggs building) was leaving to let me know! And sure enough, they had a space open and I was granted secret key access to an amazing studio space! Another one shared with artists, but this time a much smaller group of alumni. Alec Longstreth, Jon Chad, Katherine Roy, Alex Kim, Keny Widjaja, Joseph Lambert, Jason Lutes and Pat Barrett. Now that studio houses R. Sikoryak! This was an early picture of my space in the studio, so it's not decorated, but you get the idea...

I am now in Chicago, as you know, and again I am blessed in having two desks! I realized that sitting on the internet and doing digital work for me needed to be seperated from wherever it was I was drawing. It would slowly creep into that creative space and take over. And with teaching, I needed a space to be assembling lesson plans, lectures, handouts and more that WASN'T my drawing table.

Pictured above is my 'work table' that I do any digital stuff, internet stuff, school stuff and watching netflix sometimes stuff. This is usually in a very messy state as I juggle several things a day here.

THIS is my drawing desk! Huzzah! A little crowded since when we've had visitors recently we have a mattress that's propped up against part of the wall, but it's a really good space, quiet, no distractions and I've been able to get all of my SPX stuff done there as well as two pinups that you can see sneaking out of the 'to do' pile...

A very blurry 'beneath' the table shot. Where my light box, plastic supplies drawers and legs go.

Just the desk surface. That big pile of bristol to the right? That's Fugue!

Sometime soon, comics!


My feet catch blisters

GOOD HEAVENS! Is it Friday already? Oh man, oh man... I did it again ya'll... Ah well, life happens, eh?

So where have I been? Oh I don't know, maybe a little place called the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD?! Last Friday, we may remember that I taught a class (on pacing no less!) and then booked it for the train to catch a plane to catch a bus to end up in the heart--and heat-- of Washington DC. Myself and my very handsome table mates all stayed at our own Josh Kramer and his lovely lady, Alli's humble abode. Also they had kittens.



The convention was fantastic for us. It was all of our first times tabling and I'd have to say, we'll probably be back again. What a hoot. The second day was pretty emotional for a lot of people as the Comics community took a big hit at the passing of Dylan Williams, read about him here. But it was good that so many people were able to be with each other and help support one another in such a hard time.

The boys and I were able to still be our goofy selves keeping spirits up and enjoying our days... enjoy some moments captured of the trip:

90% comics, 10% pajamas

Dakota and Pat set up some comics on the table

My section of comics

SPX was full of familiar faces! Mia, Lawrence and Carol hanging out at the Boom! table

Josh writes some pricing signs, and you can see more of the table, work by me, Dakota McFadzean, Josh Kramer, Ben Horak and Pat Barrett. A fine spread indeed!

Lookin' sharp friends!

Buy. Our. Books.

One small child examines my business cards, while the other is bored out of his mind by being dragged to such a lame event.

Dakota got a Nerdlinger from the one and only Denis St. John, I'm holding it looking shocked, Dakota fears cameras, Pat models and Josh is invisible




Kevin Huizenga! Oh my!

SPX was a hoot, but what a hard thing again to say goodbye to all these people I love.

BUT ALSO guess who's in town!!!!

Colleen Frakes!

She gave a talk to my class!

And made a drawing!

Hey! Look who's on the list at Quimby's!

Oh, right, and pinball...

Well stay tuned for more in the future.


We takin' ovvvvaaaaahhh!

This weekend marks the occasion of two very big events! One I will be at, and one I will be at in spirit! First up, hey East coast! I'ma comin' at you! I'll be in Bethesda, MD at the one and only Small Press Expo where I will be tabling at E9 with some very handsome and talented cartoonists, Pat Barrett, Josh Kramer, and Dakota McFadzean. We're right next to the CCS table and we'll be selling our wares and wearing our sales! It's my first time at this show so stop by, say hello and read some comics! I'll have copies of parts 1 and 2 of Fugue, (This is what it might look like... sorry Ben Ho, and Dakota for that matter...)

Next up for those of you in the Chicago-land area, there is an excellent show opening at the NEW Betty Rhymer Gallery at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, called CartoonInk! Emerging Comics in Context. It's a really great show full of original comics pages by Ken Dahl, Anders Nilsen, Chris Ware, Kevin Huizenga, Ian McDuffie, Vanessa Davis, Jeremy Tinder, Ben Bertin, Kyle O'Connell, myself and more! Stop by between Sept. 9th and October 15th!

For this show, I helped put up an installation room representing the past, present and future of the student run zine I was an editor for while in school. Check out some sweet process photos! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this room, it looks spectacular!

The space! Raw! New! Fresh!

The brilliant Ben Bertin painting a grid.

Left to right, Kyle O'Connell, Sara Drake, Ben Bertin starring in the white shirt club as they work on the big 'how-to' comic on the wall.

The big timeline of editors and what issues they put out in progress...

Details on the big comic that Ben Bertin slaved over.

My new favorite diagram!

When we thought we were done...

Our soldiers readying for battle.

Kyle O'Connell put paint to wall as he fills in the blacks on some lettering.

Look at that!

That little airplane ties it all together.

You guys started it all!!!

Hot dog! Look at that fatty stack of books!



Scalding. (disclaimer: issue #2 has now been hung also...)

Oh I'm sorry, did you not see how great this room looks?

Thank you, Richard Brautigan, the founders, Sullivan Galleries, Jeremy, Christa, Surabhi, and everyone who has ever contributed to XCB... and I suppose thanks Fnews, for the... ahem... catalyst.

Come to the show to witness its full glory and participate in the next issue of XCB!