Tha summer's gone I gotta werk!

Hey who's ready for some pictures?! I mean what the heck have I been doing anyway? Well my dear readers, I've been wandering around Chicago tending to my various and lengthy 'to-do' lists. On the way I've run into some amazing things and some weird things, and some cartoonist things! Enjoy a big ol' photo dump.

Saw this pup snoozin' in an amazing second hand book store near my house. \

What my house looked like for a while. It's slightly better now... My poor roommates :( I swear guys, I'll finish unpacking sometime!

Now I'm sorry my dear Veggie and Vegan friends... but for the longest time Kyle has had this delusion that our school would sponsor a pig roast for the Halloween Ball. This is entirely crazy... however, while walking North on Western I passed this... it smelled SOOO good. And when I showed it to Kyle, he grasped my shoulder and said... this will happen in my life... I swear it!

Some graffiti I saw under a bridge... good to know there are others on the quest! THE GREATER GOOOOOOD!

Oh man, it is real. And just remember, potential visitors, this puppy gets me and a friend into a LOT of the museums and cool places in Chicago fo' free.

Speaking of visitors, Em Sauter blew through town and boy was it good to see her! Hope everything is going great in Oregon Emily!

This is mostly for Jon Chad and Alec Longstreth, but fellas, I gotta tell you, I've found the pinball database for Chicago and have been playing my way around the city... My new favorite game is 'whoDUNNIT' this one was in excellent condition, replay set real low, and 1$ for three cred. Have you played it?

I was so lucky to go visit the Newberry Library with Ms. Deborah Howe and see their spectacular bindery and conservation labs! Thanks so much for the visit Giselle!

LtoR: Kitz Rickert, Bruce Riley, Giselle Simon, Deborah Howe and Richard Langdell
While Deborah was in town, she got me on the very exclusive invite only list for the One-Book One-Chicago artist books opening at the top of the Harold Washington Library. VERY swanky. And VERY fun!

I mean, come on... they had a cake... that was a book...!!!!

And along the lines of visitors... anyone know who's feet these are?

Or who's faces these are?! (In Quimby's for their first times!)

Boy were these fella's a sight for sore eyes! Mr. Nick Patten, Mr. Ryland Ianelli, and (a very awkward Kyle O'Connell) Mr, hiding-in-the-dark Josh Rosen!!! They came down for the day cause Ryland and Josh were visiting Nick up in good ol' Wisconsin for his BIRTHDAY! So Kyle and I took them out to Piece, a great pizzeria and brewery and played some Soprano's Pinball. Again, my dudes, it was soooo great to see you.

That's all for now, but coming soon is my first day of teaching (AHH!) and a gallery opening not to be missed. (But I will cause I'll be at SPX...) And remember, if you're passing through, stop by and say heeyyyyyyy-yyyoooo!


  1. Hi Beth,

    Ryan Claytor here. I didn't know you were THIS interested in pinball. :) I tried playing some pins around Chicago (even took a STERN FACTORY TOUR) but had a tough time finding machines around the city. Can you point me to that Chicago Pinball Database?

    P.S. I just got back from a comic book signing tour (yes, again) and I'm documenting the places I signed AND the pinball machines I played. :) Ha-ha! Thought you might enjoy taking a look.

    Take care,
    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

  2. A BOOK CAKE?????? Did you save me a piece??????????

  3. Ryan!! Hello! I did know you were on a book tour and I have been coveting your awesome pinball experiences along that trip! I caught the pinball fever after hanging out daily with our friends Alec and Jon. haha. pretty addicting. This database is neat, not 100% accurate but so far I've struck gold while playing these machines. A lot are on the outskits of Chicago so you have to dig through the list for the downtown stuff. I use 'apple f' to search the page for streets I'm going near. LINK!

    Patricia... We didn't actually get to eat it... :(