I can teach you somethin'

Well, well, well dear readers... here we are! Broadcasting from a big ol' heart in the midwest, Chicago, IL! Thanks for bearing with me on the last few posts. Somethings you just can't say out loud to people what you have in your heart, you have to compose your thoughts and write them out for the whole internet to see.

But! Now I'm here, working on finishing up my syllabi for my classes, meeting some new people and catching up with classic Chicago homies. All my stuff hasn't arrived yet, but I think it's coming by the end of the week. It's actually been pretty relaxed the last few days. Mom and I had a great road trip from the Northeast, stopping at a few neat-o places. While I have no comics for you right now, once I have a desk and my teaching hat squarely on my head I'll be working on some goodies. However please enjoy the bizarre photos of our adventure across half the country!

Toward the end of New York, we stopped to pee and this dude rolled up on this bike... I ask him what his buddy's name was and he pointed and said 'Anorexic Annie'... !

Then we hit Pennsylvania for about 2 whole seconds, but I held it up for a while...

I'ma need ya'll to look close at this one... We stopped to get gas at the end of Penn, and I turned to look at this big old RV j. chillin' and who was driving it...?! Awww WHUT UP D000D! THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!

Around 8:30pm we were getting hungry and had finally rolled into Ohio for a while. Found this sign that said "Kay's Place Restaurant" and we thought, well that's not McDonalds! Let's go! And after crossing the most terrifying one lane bridge, we found it... lights off, no cars... and this sign... promising?

YES! they had awesome BBQ specials and I got half a chicken and half rack of ribs... SOOOOO good, tender... sweet, spicy... AWESOME. I saved what I couldn't finish, but ended up having to throw it out.

After sleeping in SUPER late from our 'getting lost in cleveland traffic after a game' night, we went to the one good thing Ohio had... BOB EVANS for breakfast. While we rolled out of B.E.'s having stuff ourself silly, I uncovered a secret... THAT WIZARDS ARE IN CLEVELAND!!! I was really hoping to spy Moony, Prongs and Wormtail in the rest of the lot, but alas, no such luck... Mischief managed I guess...

Okay this is mostly for my sisters, but as we were leaving Ohio the one last thing that was good they had was a starbucks that we were both jonesing for... we stopped to get some and mom accidentally messed up my order, and in the process of scrapping with a straw the whipped cream from her cup to mine, she decided enough was enough and just smashed the lid on the cup... thus creating the epic Mom-splosion of 2011...

For sure the best part about Indiana is its housing of cartoonists I like! Number one there right now is Mr. Tom Casteel... aka Daddy T! Thank you so much for hosting me and my momma. Dinner was delicious and I love and miss you oodles misterman! see you soon!!

Outside of Indiana, it's funny how quickly things become Illinois... and from that... to the scariest bridge in the Midwest... the Chicago Skyway!

Vintage Toll way... As I took this though, mom was freaking out because LITERALLY in the middle of the highway to our left was a McDonalds Drivethru that you could go through while waiting to get through the tolls! CRAZY! Midwest... WE FAT SON!!

No matter how long I stay away, or how tired, cranky whatever I am when it happens... it always takes my breath away when I see that first glimpse of the skyline I know so well... If you want to know what it's like to turn the corner and all of a sudden see something you love, listen to the song 'Chicago' by Sufjan Stevens OR watch that part in Royal Tennanbaums when Margot gets off the bus to pick up Richie and it's in slow motion and that song is playing 'These Days' by Nico... that's what that feels like... :)

Thar she blows!!! (Lens flare ala JJ Abrams)

And then there we were... There's a lot I miss about White River, and I'll always miss those things. But just like I told myself about Chicago when I left there for a while... White River will always be there when I need it. When I want it. When it's time to go back. But for now, here's where I'll be...

This sign was in my bedroom when I brought my stuff up, courtesy of my new upstairs neighbor.... Mr. BFF, Kyle O'Connell... Wondertwins Activate... form of NEIGHBORS!


  1. OHMIGAWD! You saw Tom Casteel AND Nicole Ritchie on a motorcycle all in one roadtrip? Why do you have all the luck?

    And now that you and Kyle are neighbors he can come over and you guys can watch DUCKSOUP and pig out like you did Freshmen year.

  2. Mom-splosion 2011 FTW. (Welcome back to the middle of the west, sisterbot!)

  3. @ Lawrence HA. HA. HA. har. dee. har. harrrrr. boy you sure are right!

    @sisterbot... beep boop thanks!

  4. Welcome home!

    And holy crap... Tom cut his hair?!

  5. hahaha I know! Right?! You should be his facebook friend, he let mateo cut it, and him, mateo and bridget all cut their ponytails off. It was super cute.


    How are things with you, Mr. Important-book-seller-on-secret-acres!