Like sugar and spice

I can't believe it's over dear internet friends! Harry Potter, the final movie, done. I mean the HP universe has consumed my life since 1998... that's just over half my life... WHAT!? Anyway, it was great. I'm not going to talk about the movie at all or the plot because not everyone is as crazy as I am... so they probably don't know what happens on every page. But here's some photos from my awesome friends who came with me to wait in line and dress up. Boy I love these folks. :)


The D.A. members for the ride. Left to right: Jon Chad (Voldie), Denis St. John (Bill Weasley), Dakota McFadzean (Micheal Corner), Claire Sanders (Gryffinfor Supporter), Colleen Frakes (Cho Chang), Josh Kramer (Gryffindor Supporter), Laura Pfeifer (Luna Lovegood), yours truly (Molly Weasley), and Alec Longstreth (Snitch/Summer Hagrid)

Put your foot next to mine!

After the movie shot... note Alec and I are the only ones sad... ha!

In my comics life, a big fat THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my book! Don't forget you can purchase it at the Store or read the whole thing for free here.

I'm working on a new comic that will be a part of the Xerox Candy Bar room in the new Betty Rhymer Gallery in Chicago, IL in September. If you know much about me, you know one of my favorite people is Mr. Kyle O'Connell, well he's written something that vaguely resembles a funny story about how XCB met us, and I'm drawing it. More to come on that later. Have a great week! Happy summer!

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