You wanna start something?

Friends! Another excellent week of summer has gone by and I FINALLY made it back to my drawing table (after catching up on some movies and tv shows, of course!). The last of the little Monthly books are completed and will hit the postal circuit by Friday (HOORAY!) and now, if you're so inclined, you'll be able to buy all 12 months in one pack! NO WAITING! Or you can buy them seasonally.

This past week was filled with excellent birthday celebrations, Bill Murray, delicious dinner outings, surprise visits, canceled tree walks, rainy days, good comics, PARTY DOWN, book binding and Super 8! Summertime is by FAR the best time. Even if it has been 60 and raining...

Now I know I've been tempting all of you and dangling the option of purchasing Book 2 of Fugue that you have been hungrily devouring every (or so) week. And I'm here to tell you, my dear readers, that we are only 14 pages from the conclusion of this book. And with some BONUS pages today, we'll reach our end on June 29th... June twenty-ninth! DON'T FORGET THAT DAY! That will be the internet release of Books one AND two of Fugue!

What's that? Book one, you say? I've never even HEARD about that one!! Oh I know my friends... I know... Exciting, oui?

But enough babbling... ENJOY! Six full pages!And also here's the link to read the whole story up to page 55!

OH other exciting news, my work is soon to be life sized at the Tuckerbox!! Hot Tamales!


  1. Beth! It's so rad to read your comics! I'm coming back to CCS in August for the workshop again. Hope to see you then!

  2. SALLY!!!! Oh my god I FREAKING miss you, lady! I will be here until the 12th of August. Which one are you taking? Cartooning Studio?

  3. Hell yes, I'll see you there! I'm taking Cartooning Studio. I'm done with my "internet fast" now, so this time 'round I'll do a better job of keeping in touch afterwards. Can't wait to see you and high five!

  4. Yesssssss high fives will be mandatory this time around!