A momentous occasion...

TADA! an hour late, but here's the final pages! The two pages that have no greys are an accident that will surely be fixed... right? RIGHT? Anyway, enjoy (well, probably you'll be sad) the conclusion of FUGUE part TWO. Coming soon to a website near you: actual, factual buttons to order actual factual copies!!

Read the whole thing HERE!!!


Play Your Part

The countdown my friends! Second to last section of this book! Oh my goodness! Today I'm leaving for a very important event... Amy Dachenbach will become a married woman this Saturday! Amy was definitely one of my first BFF's. Back in the day she and I would fight invisible vampires in her back yard with tent stakes, she's seen me through some pretty awful haircuts and fashion mistakes, she is probably one of the only people who could honestly tell you how much of a cry-er I was (and might still be!). From Orchestra, to Choir, to Theatre, to Mr. Tyler's Film Analysis class, to ridiculous pranks and lunch time outings, Amy D... I'm so glad you are my friend, and despite my dislike for wearing dresses and behaving politely, I'm really excited to see you and be a part of your very special day. :)

Alright enough sap eh!? get to the comics!


You wanna start something?

Friends! Another excellent week of summer has gone by and I FINALLY made it back to my drawing table (after catching up on some movies and tv shows, of course!). The last of the little Monthly books are completed and will hit the postal circuit by Friday (HOORAY!) and now, if you're so inclined, you'll be able to buy all 12 months in one pack! NO WAITING! Or you can buy them seasonally.

This past week was filled with excellent birthday celebrations, Bill Murray, delicious dinner outings, surprise visits, canceled tree walks, rainy days, good comics, PARTY DOWN, book binding and Super 8! Summertime is by FAR the best time. Even if it has been 60 and raining...

Now I know I've been tempting all of you and dangling the option of purchasing Book 2 of Fugue that you have been hungrily devouring every (or so) week. And I'm here to tell you, my dear readers, that we are only 14 pages from the conclusion of this book. And with some BONUS pages today, we'll reach our end on June 29th... June twenty-ninth! DON'T FORGET THAT DAY! That will be the internet release of Books one AND two of Fugue!

What's that? Book one, you say? I've never even HEARD about that one!! Oh I know my friends... I know... Exciting, oui?

But enough babbling... ENJOY! Six full pages!And also here's the link to read the whole story up to page 55!

OH other exciting news, my work is soon to be life sized at the Tuckerbox!! Hot Tamales!


Dr. Everything-Will-Be-Alright

Oof-da! Somehow life still seems to be moving at break-neck speed, dear readers. As you can tell I completely spaced on updating last week, which is only the SECOND TIME I ever forgot to update this blog... And what was I doing that occupied my brain space other than providing your fine selves with new reading material? I'm just not 100% sure, friends.

The weekend before that was Memorial day and we had a lot of cook-outs, I went mini-golfing, and we had a pie party... But I think that the real sucker of my thoughts was saying goodbye to the first batch of colleagues at CCS. Nomi Kane, Andy Christensen, and Lawrence Derks have scattered to the winds of Berkley, Wisconsin, and Virginia respectively. The send offs were great, but readers, they are missed.

I also spent a fair amount of time last week fretting over my flickr account which is giving me the scariest warning ever! "Hey beth.hetland! About your photostream...You have 195 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you'll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you'll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos." AHHH!!! So options are being looked into. Colleen Frakes Goddess that she is, said that blogspot has space for uploading pictures so I shouldn't blow my top. The game plan is that I'm going to continue to post the new pages until we finish this book, but then on issuu.com I'm going to put up the FULL completed pdf for you to read in one sitting... AND the fun doesn't end their, both book 1 and 2 will be available for purchase in the graveyard that will soon be the store, filled to the brim with fancy pants two color screen printed covers from me to you, baby! So keep them peepers, peeled!

Now, without further to do... SOME PAGES!

Until next time, my fine friends!



I forgot an update! Sorry everyone! I'm trying to have all the files ready to go, but I ran out of room on Flickr! So there will be some posting this weekend, but I need to figure out what I'm going to do! Sorry!