By God... I think we've done it!

DAH DAH DAH DAAAAAAAAHHH!! The class of 2011 at The Center for Cartoon Studies has COMPLETED AND TURNED IN THEIR THESIS PROJECTS!!! And hot diggity are they lookin' mighty fly. I have some better photos but here's the cruddy cell phone pictures I took MOMENTS before I turned them in Sunday night.

Everyone worked their buns off all year and especially this weekend, it's the best feeling in the world (and the worst) to be working all day and night side by side the most dedicated people you've ever known. Who just happen to be producing amazing work and supporting you and your work every step of the way! Hooray comrades!

We went out to a celebratory dinner Monday night that was most excellent. And we all have a few days to relax before we start getting nervous about our reviews and when we find out if we passed or not.

Merry Thesis everyone, and happy May! Keep them eyeball skins peeled for how you can order your copy of Books one and two!

Also be sure to start googling 'CCS Thesis' to see some awesome posts by my class mates:
Josh Kramer
Nomi Kane
Andy Christensen
Jesse Mead
Lena Chandhok
CJ Jougin
Ben Horak

Just to name a few!


  1. Sobbing my eyes out. Though I suppose I should be happy that by doing this thesis, you've saved yourself years of therapy money. ;D

  2. Beth,
    I'm all teary-eyed and more proud of you than I could ever say. This is such an incredible achievement, and I can't wait until I can see your beautiful baby in person.
    I love, love, love you,