Lately something's changed and I don't know why...

A quick update my friends!

Sister = Married!
Summer = Here!
Classmates = Starting to leave! :(
Detroit = Horrible place to be stuck without a flight!
Studio = Moving out and into a new one!
Book-A-Month Club = I know! I owe you three books! They're coming! I swear it!

And now for some pages.

Remember! Keep your eyes peeled for when you too can own this book! And if you're bored on the internet, check out this RADICAL site that the one and only Josh Kramer made for our class.


I wonder what you're doing tomorrow night?


I'm an official graduate with a degree (drawn by the AMAZING Aaron Renier!)and everything! It was an incredible ceremony, absolutely perfect for our class. Lawrence Derks gave a hysterical speech that was a laugh riot, shocked and awed and made you well-up a little. Followed by the very first CCS class dance number, which was partially captured here through the photography of Ms. Colleen Frakes, there's also a video by Momma Swardlick but if you're not friends with Betsey you might not be able to view it. Kyle took one too but I haven't put it on the Youtubes yet. After that Nomi and I gave out the Faculty gifts which were a set of playing card of each of us from 2011. Printed by Momma Kane! (THANKS!) Then, as if things couldn't get any better, our speaker at graduation was FRANCOIS MOULY who gave an amazing, incredible, inspiring speech that had all the right things to say to us. We received our diplomas and marched off (behind a bagpiper!) to the reception at the Colodny where we dined, took pictures, met families, and most importantly, drained two whole root beer kegs. :)

UPDATE: here's the link for the whole ceremony... It's really quite good, I recommend watching the whole 43minutes of it.

I'm so glad so much of my family was able to come see me graduate from one of the most amazing experiences in my life. And of course, the Wondertwin was there, (even though we look like we're not actually friends in this picture hahaha)

It was great because he took it upon himself to document the crap out of everything so I have a bajillion photos from him (but again haven't posted or uploaded yet)

However, this was one of my favorite moments that Kyle captured, a gaggle of my professors gazing upon my degree with me. From left to right, James Sturm (co-founder of CCS), recent graduate, Jason Lutes (Creator of Berlin, and teaching me to the very end!), Ana Merino (Member of the Board of Directors at CCS and she read our names with "lots of love, and a strong accent"), and Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing, and second Dad).

One more thing and I'll let you go, here's an excellent blog post by Alec Longstreth who graciously put his pinball machine on freeplay for a good chuck of the weekend so our families could play! And there's another favorite moment of mine, Me, Alison and Dad playing pinball!

Thanks everyone who came out, and thanks everyone who sent well wishes and congrats, and now there's one more journey before I can feel the relaxation of post-grad... ALISON'S WEDDING!


That's good to me!

Pages! Finally! The continuation of Book 2. Soon, and I mean SOON, you'll be able to read the WHOLE THING online in one go, and it'll be the updated version with all the changes that you're not seeing in this one. Hooray! But until then click here to read the whole story thus far, but here's some new pages. Thanks for your patience!

That's all folks!


blog pause until I find out if I got my Masters.... stay tuned, internet, stay tooned...


By God... I think we've done it!

DAH DAH DAH DAAAAAAAAHHH!! The class of 2011 at The Center for Cartoon Studies has COMPLETED AND TURNED IN THEIR THESIS PROJECTS!!! And hot diggity are they lookin' mighty fly. I have some better photos but here's the cruddy cell phone pictures I took MOMENTS before I turned them in Sunday night.

Everyone worked their buns off all year and especially this weekend, it's the best feeling in the world (and the worst) to be working all day and night side by side the most dedicated people you've ever known. Who just happen to be producing amazing work and supporting you and your work every step of the way! Hooray comrades!

We went out to a celebratory dinner Monday night that was most excellent. And we all have a few days to relax before we start getting nervous about our reviews and when we find out if we passed or not.

Merry Thesis everyone, and happy May! Keep them eyeball skins peeled for how you can order your copy of Books one and two!

Also be sure to start googling 'CCS Thesis' to see some awesome posts by my class mates:
Josh Kramer
Nomi Kane
Andy Christensen
Jesse Mead
Lena Chandhok
CJ Jougin
Ben Horak

Just to name a few!