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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! How exciting a time of year! It's April! And MoCCA is this weekend. I'll be there at table M11 with some of my favorite buddies, Mr. Ben Horak, Mr. Josh Kramer and Mr. Pat Barrett in the CCS row of POWER! If you're in the New York Area, be sure to stop by, pick up some comics, and say hello!!

Something VERY special will be there... a PREVIEW that will be for sale until this LIMITED edition of 30 runs out! Get it while you can! Book Two Preview! Check it out!

(sassy screen printed covers are looked upon while Mr. Horak naps in the background)

But here are some more pages! (Don't forget to click HERE for a recap!)

Oh! PS- I have original Comic pages and books for sale at the Nisus Gallery in Portland, Oregon! If you're in the area, check it out! It's a whole show dedicated to CCSers.

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