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We've reached the half way point! Oh my gosh! Well half way in the story... we're long gone past the half way point into this year. In fact it's coming to a close. Nothing to do but work work work in the studio, my friends.

Yesterday, Big C said something pretty funny. Because we spend so much time in the studio together, we are essentially the perfect formula for a reality show. We called it 'Real World... PROBLEMS' and so everyone on the show/in the studio has a problem that makes being around them impossible and frustrating. But they're really dumb problems, for example, my problem is I yell 'OBAMA!' at the top of my lungs whenever. And Lawrence's problem is he's my friend. (obviously this is the type of humor that arises at 4am) HOWEVER Big C joked that she can tell this is the final run of our show (nearing the season finale, aka graduation) because this week we kept having guest stars in the studio. Bailey, Dakota, Jon Chad and Penina all came and drew in the studio this week. And I thought that was just hysterical.

But on to the comics, eh?

Don't forget here's the story up until now

(ps- book clubbers, don't worry, March and April and May will all arrive together, but after my thesis is completed!)

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