and yet you are wind

OH MY GOD LYNDA BARRY IS HERE! I mean not in my blog, BUT IN MY LIFE! She's doing a two day workshop at CCS all day! It rules, Yesterday was day one. Superb. Today is day two! Gonna be even better.

In other news... AHHHH OH GOD! Send love and words of encouragement. THESIS CRISIS. Baby steps... baby steps to my MFA...

The Story so far...(CLICKY CLICKY)

and some new pages... Just a reminder, these pages (as much as I love them) are version 1.0, and since I am about to *officially* complete and print the FINAL version 6.0 that will be handed in for my thesis and available for order in June. So enjoy the story, but be prepared for some changes in the future!!

happy week!

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