You're my, brown eyed girl!

SNEAKY PEAKY. Check out some design stuff... I think some of you might recognize what kind of paper it is on, and have an idea as to what's gonna happen with this... but all I'm say is, I don't think you're ready... ready for this jelly...


The End is Nigh!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! It's the last week before my Thesis is due! BRAIN EXPLODE!

phew now that I've gotten that off my chest, how about an update?! Spring is finally showing its head, bit by bit, and more and more I have the urge to eat outside and smile pleasantly at people when I pass them. Pretty soon I will be a Master of the universe and there will be nothing that can stop me.

I just completed drawing all of books 1 and 2 of Fugue. Yesterday afternoon, while the first years were in class, a few of us second years snuck down into the lab and printed some of our projects. Our newly appointed class speaker, Mr. Lawrence Derks, is very nearly finished even assembling his Thesis, Nomi Kane is tying up some loose digital ends, Josh Kramer is so close to the end he can taste it and Carl Mefferd sat and scanned all of his 120 pages of comics in one go! I printed all of the pages for Book 2, which is the longest and most expensive one. So that worry is out of my mind in case (GOD FORBID) something happens to the copiers this weekend while our ever watchful angel from above (Jon Chad) is out of town.

Last night, I digitally cleaned 22 pages of book 1 which means only 10 to go! Tonight though, I'm switching gears from digital stuff. I have to ink and prep the files for the design on my slipcase. A very exciting (secret) DIY discovery has arisen and I need to take advantage of it ASAP! Pretty soon I'll throw the grays on there, do a test print, SPELL CHECK, screen print and start sewing those books together!

I can't believe this year is almost over and that my time at CCS is almost over too! Every time I think about it, I start to get a little misty eyed that these beautiful, amazing, talented people that I have come to rely on being so present in my life are all going to be gone soon. Sure we'll see each other at conventions, but after you've spent basically two years being attached at the hip to 23 people... the space that's left... nothing can fill it. BUT this is a time for rejoicing because we will be out in the world, shaping the future of comics, and of course becoming rich and famous.

I'm sorry that this week I have no pages to show you, I forgot to upload them to flickr before I left the house this morning :(. But I hope you enjoyed this longer picture-free post about what's going on in life and my comics. Stay tuned for special posts after May 3rd that will include how YOU can order your copies of Fugue, books 1 and 2, AND more pages plus hilarious photos from what is sure to be the most excellent 'I'm done with my work' party ever!


This week on...

We've reached the half way point! Oh my gosh! Well half way in the story... we're long gone past the half way point into this year. In fact it's coming to a close. Nothing to do but work work work in the studio, my friends.

Yesterday, Big C said something pretty funny. Because we spend so much time in the studio together, we are essentially the perfect formula for a reality show. We called it 'Real World... PROBLEMS' and so everyone on the show/in the studio has a problem that makes being around them impossible and frustrating. But they're really dumb problems, for example, my problem is I yell 'OBAMA!' at the top of my lungs whenever. And Lawrence's problem is he's my friend. (obviously this is the type of humor that arises at 4am) HOWEVER Big C joked that she can tell this is the final run of our show (nearing the season finale, aka graduation) because this week we kept having guest stars in the studio. Bailey, Dakota, Jon Chad and Penina all came and drew in the studio this week. And I thought that was just hysterical.

But on to the comics, eh?

Don't forget here's the story up until now

(ps- book clubbers, don't worry, March and April and May will all arrive together, but after my thesis is completed!)


and yet you are wind

OH MY GOD LYNDA BARRY IS HERE! I mean not in my blog, BUT IN MY LIFE! She's doing a two day workshop at CCS all day! It rules, Yesterday was day one. Superb. Today is day two! Gonna be even better.

In other news... AHHHH OH GOD! Send love and words of encouragement. THESIS CRISIS. Baby steps... baby steps to my MFA...

The Story so far...(CLICKY CLICKY)

and some new pages... Just a reminder, these pages (as much as I love them) are version 1.0, and since I am about to *officially* complete and print the FINAL version 6.0 that will be handed in for my thesis and available for order in June. So enjoy the story, but be prepared for some changes in the future!!

happy week!



Our class at CCS has two students right now who are Low-Residency. One of them has been in China since last May and the other has been in Indiana since December. Sure we get to skype with them, or they send us a video presentation, and even get encouraging emails sometimes... But it's hard to imagine being in their shoes. Not having the studio dynamic, not having someone encouraging you to keep going when you need it the most (like 4am)... And so the Queens Elizabeth thought it would be great to send them something that captures the ridiculous, spontaneous feeling of undying support! Coney and Tom... this one's for youuuuuuuuu!!!


wait till you see...

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! How exciting a time of year! It's April! And MoCCA is this weekend. I'll be there at table M11 with some of my favorite buddies, Mr. Ben Horak, Mr. Josh Kramer and Mr. Pat Barrett in the CCS row of POWER! If you're in the New York Area, be sure to stop by, pick up some comics, and say hello!!

Something VERY special will be there... a PREVIEW that will be for sale until this LIMITED edition of 30 runs out! Get it while you can! Book Two Preview! Check it out!

(sassy screen printed covers are looked upon while Mr. Horak naps in the background)

But here are some more pages! (Don't forget to click HERE for a recap!)

Oh! PS- I have original Comic pages and books for sale at the Nisus Gallery in Portland, Oregon! If you're in the area, check it out! It's a whole show dedicated to CCSers.