Truthfully now...

Friends! I've done it! I've officially inked all 64 pages of the second part of Fugue! Huzzah! I'm working on some fixes now and have begun writing and thumbnailing part one! I plan to have both parts 1 and 2 COMPLETED and part 3 thumbnailed for my thesis (due in May) But that's not all, dear readers, some kind of ashcan or 'preview' will be for sale at MoCCA in April!

Of course I'll still be posting the story online, but now I think we're gonna amp it up, a little and post more pages per entry! So tune in, tell your friends and get READIN'!


  1. Scoot is such a satisfying word, and paired with Rachel's haircut and scowl it's just so perfect.

    Sisterbot, I have a suggestion for upcoming weeks: Before the new pages, can you post links to the pages so far, so that readers can click through and read in order rather than scrolling down and then up?

  2. NOOOO!!!! uhm yeah? that jsut requires more work and time. that i may not... have... but yeah i know that;s annoying