I think you're cool

Oh my gosh! Short update because I know you want to get to THE GOODS but first a moment... I feel so very very very VERY honored to be one of four recipients of the very first April Fog Memorial Pinball Scholarship! It is half the money from the pinball machines at our school given to 4 seniors to aid in the printing of their Thesis projects. Myself, Jon Fine, Emily Sauter, and Lawrence Derks (who doesn't have a website boo! Lena drew dat ps.) all received a substantial amount of copies money and wow, it is just really touching and I feel very blessed to have faculty, alumni and classmates who care so much about our projects.

And on that happy glow enjoy some more pages, cause they're only gonna get better!

See ya next week! Keep your eyeballs peeled for some MoCCA news!


  1. WOOP!!! Super-Congrats on The April Fog Memorial Pinball Scholarship win!!! That's so awesome!

    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

  2. Thanks Ryan! Next time you come we'll play a round on me!