I Love you!

Oh my, happy Friday to all. With struggling through my week, I almost forgot that this week is The Center for Cartoon Studies Appreciation Week! When I was in Undergrad I couldn't have even dreamed that this is where I would be. When I first heard about the school I couldn't believe my ears, and then when I visited, I fell completely in love. I vowed that I would go to no other Grad school but CCS. And if I didn't get in on the first try, I would continue to submit new applications each semester until I was accepted. A 'never surrender' tactic.

My time here has been priceless, the opportunities I've been able to have because of the school and because of the people... I can't even count them. Amazing! So check out the website, read some comics, or even come visit. Thanks CCS!

Enjoy some excellent photos of fun times at CCS, courtesy of Jen Vaughn

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