I know, I know that my momma's proud of me!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, another week, another set of pages. This past week/end has been up and down. Up because my pages are really coming together, had a delightful critique, productive weekend and I'm learning some great stuff at work. Down because, well let's not worry about it too much, things will get better!

Before I give you your weekly fix of comics, my gracious and brilliant* sister suggested that there be a link posted on each visit so those of you who are new...(AND I HOPE THERE ARE NEW FOLKS!) can catch up on what you missed instead of launching right into the middle of this epic! Please, make with the clicking HERE for the pages IN ORDER of what you've missed.

Coming up soon some very exciting opportunities to see me in person! Those in the Chicago-land area, I just got an invite from my dear dear dear friend Ingrid Olson, to come to The Small Press and Comics Symposium in Chicago on March 24th! So guess what... I'M GOING! I'll be in Chicago for a brief (and I'm talkin' BRIEF) visit to attend this excellent Panel and Drawing party as a representative for The Center for Cartoon Studies and Alumni of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (who is hosting the event!) It's from 4pm till 8pm at the MacLean Ballroom (112 S. Michigan Ave) please come hang out and draw and meet CHRIS WARE, AARON REINER, and CoRINNE MUCHA just to name a few. WINK.

Also, incase you didn't know but live in the New York area, I'll be tabling at MoCCA with some MIGHTY fine fellas! Which is April 9th and 10th. AND Book 2 of Fugue (which is this what you're reading) will be DEBUTING. oh yes... pee-pants central! Get. Excited.

And last but not least, to check out some delicious eye candy of good lookin' cartoonists making good lookin' books in the Preservation Services Lab, check out my slick blog post over at Preservation Services at Dartmouth College Blog!

Alright, enough babbling eh? For those of you faithfully refreshing your browser window eagerly awaiting 8:00am EST, refresh no more! Here are your newest four pages!


  1. Hey Beth, I am a huge fan of your work! I am loving following along as you post pages of your thesis project.

    My favorite character is Alison! :)

    <3 Rebekah

  2. Forgive the pun (or love it) but I so enjoy the composition of each page!

  3. Hahaha, Thanks you guys!

    Rebekah: I know, that Alison is quite the character!

    Rae: I will bask in the glow of your very sweet pun, and compliment!

  4. Beth, these are fantastic-so beautifully drawn!