well raise my rent!

I actually met a deadline! This week has been something else. Very busy weekend full of fun times, funny people, fantastic plays, and furious comic making. BUT as of about 7pm Tuesday night I can officially announce that I've finished the gray tones on the first 41 pages of my story! Hold on to your butts, because for the next, oh I don't know, FOUR MONTHS I'm going to be posting all of the pages I have completed and IN ORDER starting TODAY!

OH BOY, I hear your cry. I was a little bit worried about giving away my goods for all the internet to see, but after a very excellent talk yesterday in class about Free is the new millionaire, I think I'm ready to cash in my chips. So what I want from you, dear readers, is for you to tell everyone you know about this. Send me readers! Send me comments! Send me feedback! How is this looking? Does it make sense? Are you bored? Do you wish I was making comics about you? Let me know what you think. But more importantly, let me know you're out there, you care, and you're reading. :)

And without further ado, NOW BEGINS OUR 'DEVELOPMENT'!


  1. Have to admit, I got a knot in my stomach while reading your intro to this post. Really? Post it all for FREE?!? But I'll assume you've been given expert advice, so…go for it! We're out here reading and enjoying, Beth.

  2. Rah Rah free content! I support this move, sisterbot.

    Also, what a cute kid your comic opens with!

  3. Free is the new millionaire! People are way more likely to buy the book if they've read it online first, and no one will pay for comics online because there is so much other content that is already free.

    But you already knew that!