Of course we does!

Happy Wednesday! And dear readers, yesterday was my 25th birthday. What a milestone. I was just thinking about how fast my two years at CCS have gone and now I can't stop thinking about how fast 25 years have gone by. I'm sure my parents are shocked too.

Other than being self reflective and turning 25, I've been really busy trying to crank out pages like a crazy person. My good friend Lawrence has the admirable rate of pencil and ink one page a day. (and he's keeping up with it!) During the week I probably get about 3 pages done on average, but my weekend... boy howdy! I draw so fast my White Out catches on fire!

It's already February, and I can't even describe the fear coursing through my veins. My 'to-do' list keeps growing and although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have my fingernails dug into the walls in a feeble attempt to slow down time! But since I haven't found a time-turner, The Doctor, or a prose portal, I'll keep up my pace as best I can... and until then, enjoy reading the pages!

(Again, these are just inks, no tones and still a bit raw. But that's the price for posting on time this week.)

I think I ought to warn you all though, today I had a really good Critique and am now changing some things to make the flow of these pages read a bit better, and some formal things were questioned and now I'm trying to seek answers that still get across what I want. SOOOOO you will see this pages again... but I'll try to have some new ones next week.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Baahahahahahahahahahah, once again, laughing hysterically at the Rachel face as she moves the piano out of the fort. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Gee, is your sister Alison wearing a New Kids On The Block tshirt? It must have been so awesome to grow up with such a cool big sister!

    Also, Rachel's piano-scooting face AND hair are awesome.

  3. hhahahaa

    ma: yeah she's scowling in the whole book minus like 3 panels

    alison: yeah my sister was pretty cool, but the coolest thing was I got all her old clothes.... HA!