Watch out my outfit's ridicuLOUS

Things are lookin' up dear readers! I've recently become well equipped with some EXCELLENT new jams to groove to, and they are helping me draw EVEN FASTER! Right now I'm making rapid progress on my pencils and anticipate having all of them done this weekend to begin inking early next week! Which means, book two, your completion is in sight!

For now ya'll, please enjoy the next to pages, and don't forget to tell your friends where to find me!


well raise my rent!

I actually met a deadline! This week has been something else. Very busy weekend full of fun times, funny people, fantastic plays, and furious comic making. BUT as of about 7pm Tuesday night I can officially announce that I've finished the gray tones on the first 41 pages of my story! Hold on to your butts, because for the next, oh I don't know, FOUR MONTHS I'm going to be posting all of the pages I have completed and IN ORDER starting TODAY!

OH BOY, I hear your cry. I was a little bit worried about giving away my goods for all the internet to see, but after a very excellent talk yesterday in class about Free is the new millionaire, I think I'm ready to cash in my chips. So what I want from you, dear readers, is for you to tell everyone you know about this. Send me readers! Send me comments! Send me feedback! How is this looking? Does it make sense? Are you bored? Do you wish I was making comics about you? Let me know what you think. But more importantly, let me know you're out there, you care, and you're reading. :)

And without further ado, NOW BEGINS OUR 'DEVELOPMENT'!


And now for something...

Johnny Rocker Review!

Totally rad, Bro!!!


Bow ties are cool...

New page? I think soooo!!! Sorry there's only one, BUT I've drawn 6 more so this weekend I plan to finish drawing this section, scan them in and... bum bum bummm FILL IN MY GREYS!!! Stay tuned for exciting comic advancements! And to top it off I actually finished the Book-A-Month nov, dec, jan and feb AND will be assembling and sending those out by the end of the week! PROGRESS!


Of course we does!

Happy Wednesday! And dear readers, yesterday was my 25th birthday. What a milestone. I was just thinking about how fast my two years at CCS have gone and now I can't stop thinking about how fast 25 years have gone by. I'm sure my parents are shocked too.

Other than being self reflective and turning 25, I've been really busy trying to crank out pages like a crazy person. My good friend Lawrence has the admirable rate of pencil and ink one page a day. (and he's keeping up with it!) During the week I probably get about 3 pages done on average, but my weekend... boy howdy! I draw so fast my White Out catches on fire!

It's already February, and I can't even describe the fear coursing through my veins. My 'to-do' list keeps growing and although I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have my fingernails dug into the walls in a feeble attempt to slow down time! But since I haven't found a time-turner, The Doctor, or a prose portal, I'll keep up my pace as best I can... and until then, enjoy reading the pages!

(Again, these are just inks, no tones and still a bit raw. But that's the price for posting on time this week.)

I think I ought to warn you all though, today I had a really good Critique and am now changing some things to make the flow of these pages read a bit better, and some formal things were questioned and now I'm trying to seek answers that still get across what I want. SOOOOO you will see this pages again... but I'll try to have some new ones next week.

Thanks for reading!