WATCH OUT! Radioactive man!

More like WATCH OUT! A ZOMBIE!! Dartmouth is hosting a Humans vs. Zombies game this week and I'm playing and OH MY GOSH is it fun. I haven't gone to any of the missions yet, but I love the feeling of comradery and TERROR that I have all day at work. Also NERF GUNS! If you're curious about the game or how to play it in your own life Check this Out! So far I'm still a human, but it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and already there are close to 25 zombies out of 133. YIKES! And it's a 24 hour game, ending on Sunday...

I'm sure you'd love to hear all about my near zombie experiences, but you must be thinking to yourself... 'Beth... Don't you have a Thesis to finish? And a Children's book to illustrate? Aren't there more important things in your life than Nerf Guns and Bandanas?'

My answer is obviously... no.

But I suppose I'll throw you a bone. I'm sorry but I'm going to stretch out the last of these pages so you only get two! For this past week I have only been doing work on my Nomad Press book (Even though it doens't have my name on it yet... hrmm... better ask about that) So once I am DONE with that, Thesis... Prepared to be destroyed!!!

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