oops I did it again...

I played with your heart, internet... I have to admit... I got lost in the game...

oooooh Baby, baby... BUT today, friends, is the day! I'd like to present to you... to the world... some NEW PAGES!

they are not toned... they're really raw so be gentle... and it's just a few small pages!

stay tuned, there can only be more work!



one blog post...:(

on friday I WILL have new pages up...



That is how many days are left until our Thesis Projects are due... AHHH!!!! PANICKING SHALL COMMENCE FOR EXACTLY 104 DAYS! Well... I have my work cut out for me. I just finished my Nomad Press book, HOW EXCITING, and have one more obligation that isn't my thesis left...

but without further freaking out, here are some pages... I apologize if I don't have new pages for you next week... but yeah, I'll try...!


WATCH OUT! Radioactive man!

More like WATCH OUT! A ZOMBIE!! Dartmouth is hosting a Humans vs. Zombies game this week and I'm playing and OH MY GOSH is it fun. I haven't gone to any of the missions yet, but I love the feeling of comradery and TERROR that I have all day at work. Also NERF GUNS! If you're curious about the game or how to play it in your own life Check this Out! So far I'm still a human, but it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and already there are close to 25 zombies out of 133. YIKES! And it's a 24 hour game, ending on Sunday...

I'm sure you'd love to hear all about my near zombie experiences, but you must be thinking to yourself... 'Beth... Don't you have a Thesis to finish? And a Children's book to illustrate? Aren't there more important things in your life than Nerf Guns and Bandanas?'

My answer is obviously... no.

But I suppose I'll throw you a bone. I'm sorry but I'm going to stretch out the last of these pages so you only get two! For this past week I have only been doing work on my Nomad Press book (Even though it doens't have my name on it yet... hrmm... better ask about that) So once I am DONE with that, Thesis... Prepared to be destroyed!!!


Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention!

Welp! Back in the Junc, workin' my butt off and trying to get some Thesis work done, some Trash book done, and just try to keep up with everything at work and in the moooooovies! I had a great time in Chicago and was very thrilled to be able to see almost everyone, keep that city warm for me guys.

But without further adieu, MORE PAGES!!

that's all for now, there will be more soon, and after that, NEW PAGES!!