accio sneak peak!

Phew, now that I've seen Harry Potter twice, we can get back to some comics. Here is a sneak peak of my posters that both advertise and explain my thesis project. They are going to be hung on the wall in the Gallery here at school and then starting the first week of December, we Seniors will be giving presentations about our thesis projects. Nerve wracking yes, but exciting also.

This picture is kinda blurry on uh.... PURpose.... because I don't want to give it ... away? lol Or I'm not so great at holding still...


a mission to please...

can't blog... too exited for Harry Potter! update this weekend! (but not about HP incase some of you haven't seen it....



attention readers. this blog is being effed up and i'm not sure why. so here are come comics. but boo hiss i'm working on it.

to be concluded!


player, PLAYYYY

YEAH! I'm doing it! updating my blogggg!! With a double dose of comics because I forgot I had started doing that two weeks ago...


(well ALMOST a double dose... don't want to spoil anything...)