Just tell me which way you like that...

As my excellent older sister Alison so delicately put...'It's Wednesday, I want blog!' Here friends, is a BLOGGGG.

First and foremost, the penultimate page of my Dream Comic:

This past week has been chalk-full of comics, but I haven't scanned any of them. WHAT GIVES? We have our first deadline next Monday. We have to have 16 pages of finished art, we can include our dream comics, eff that. Mine will all be pages from the middle of my 'Development' section of my Fugue... WOAH, hold the phone, BH. You're making a FUGUE?
I certainly am.

What's it about? You will have to wait and see! BUT here is a sneaky sneak peek of what kept me up last night: Take a wild guess as to who that is with that haircut of all things?!

Other new things: I've been going roller skating every weekend, because it rules. And I'm getting muchos better. We want to start a cartoonist Derby League! I've also been working on some top secret things that are due on Friday, but that's a for real secret. And perhaps a new path in life may open up early next week. I promise to keep you posted internet friends. I purchased Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds. it. is. a.maze.ing.

Last but not least, don't forget to PRE-ORDER your Ladies of CCS Pin-Up calendar from the store on this site. I'm only ordering 10, get 'em while they're hot! Beth OUT!


  1. The link to preorder isn't working for me, Beth--it doesn't open anything. :(

  2. whoops you're right! I fixed it just now. Thanks for the heads up Ma.