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This week felt so crazy. Our due date for our 16 completed pages of comics was last week on Monday and before then, the LaCie (our school's communal external hard drive that we all keep everything on) crashed and burned. And on top of that my Flash Drive that had all of the work I did went missing. It was just technology disaster times a billion. BUT things are better, the flash drive was recovered, I handed in my pages, completed my Nomad deadline a day early (YES!) and then I promptly got sick.

After the emotional roller coaster of deadlines, this weekend was full of sleeping, slurping broth, and a lot of Harry Potter. However, the public face of Beth Hetland was bright and shinning as if she had never been diseased. For I was on the radio on Saturday morning (thanks to those who tuned in sooooo early). Thankfully that was pre-recorded. And on Monday, Sleepover Shows launched their Harry and the Potters episode that I was in! You'll be able to see my beaming face as I stand behind Harry Potter Year 4 and drink in their awesomeness!

Last night after I was finally feeling better our class was able to skype with Corey (who is our classmate who's doing Low Residency in China) we got to see his pages he's been working on and crit and basically just catch up. It was really good to see his face.

Anywhoo time for some comics, right?! Here are the first three pages of the 16 completed I did of my Thesis (which is still untitled)

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