And now the dramatic conclusion of... BETH'S DREAM COMIC!

This past week we had our first deadline for our Thesis! It was an intense last few days of staying up way too late, computer's and printers malfunctioning, and hard drives and flash drives 'Thelma and Louise-ing' it outta here. BUT we all made it and now I have a beautiful fat stack of comics to read through!

Last Friday I got some of the most exciting news of my life. I am officially hired at the Dartmouth campus working in their Book Preservation department! I'm going to be working on a special project called 'The Readex' project, where I'll be binding and restoring these ancient tomes of every piece of knowledge about the United States starting from like the very beginning of time! And it's not just like typed pages of blah blah blah, it's like an entire book of scientific illustrations of all the plant life of the North East, or giant 10 foot maps that unfold from books that are from the Lewis and Clark expedition! INCREDIBLE! And helloooooo Binding books for dollaz! $$$

I also just sent out my first batch of sketches for the book I'm illustrating for Nomad press, which is pretty fun! It's all about Garbage and Recycling! (aka a lot of talking garbage!)

And, dear readers, if you are so inclined, this Saturday morning myself and Josh Kramer will be on the radio being interviewed about comics and what we're doing at The Center for Cartoon Studies! You can listen HERE! It will air at 8am EST on Saturday morning, and it runs about an hour long.

Now I will leave you with the MOST exciting news of the year. In case you didn't know, internet friends, our school has this excellent teacher who works here. And he's obsessed with Pinball. In fact he's such a fanatic that he actually purchased and fixed up a Medieval Madness Pinball Machine and put it in our Studio. Half of the money raised in the pinball machine will go to a lucky pair of seniors to help them pay for their Thesis print costs! (AND IT'S A SUPER DUPER FUN GAME!

Last night I called Jon Chad, and it went something like this...
B= Hey Jon Chad!
J= What's up?
B= you... uh... you get that thing?
J=Oh yeah, just got back... you wanna play it...?
B= I'm outside your door.


The baby and the proud papa checking the manual


Needless to say, I'm super-duper pumped, and this week ruled...!

Also I only have 5 Ladies of CCS calendars left! Get 'em while they're hooooottt!!!

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to working at the library with you, Beth!!