Internet, you're amazing. I want you to know that every Wednesday I have a class called Professional Practices taught by the one and only ALEC LONGSTRETH and dudes, it always gets me so jazzed about the future, about comics, about the internet... about everything.

So internet, I'm going to propose... Every Wednesday, I will update this blog.

In the honor of Wednesday, welcome to an update!

This weekend, I will be in Boston, at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) tabling with Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett and Ben Horak and a short distance away are homies Jen Vaughn and Nomi Kane If you're in the area, please please please stop by and say hello!

I'm still waist deep in only the thumb-nailing part of my Thesis Project, but we have to have 16 pages of comics for October 11th, and I'll be able to post those... in the mean time, though, we had to make dream comics. Here are the first two pages of mine! Enjoy, and tell your friends that I exist!

(ps-that is Jon Chad... just wait dear readers... just wait!)


  1. I am mucho enticed by the first two pages!

  2. I wish I lived closer to you guys :(.

  3. :( I know!!!! But some day our paths will cross again!! I super miss your crew. but alas, i guess these first years are ...okay.... haha.