Spoil You Rotten!

Holy cow another blog post! Two in two days!?
Blog readers, you better make an appointment with the dentist because I'm treatin' you SOOO SWEET!

Sneak-a-peak at some Character Sheets for my Thesis? Yes, have some!
Some of you you know me in real life will notice that these three characters look rather FAMILY-iar.... (how hokey could I make this post... I don't know it's not done yet...)

Coming soon the store will be gaining some sweet things to buy! Tell your friends, if you like my stuff. More readers = more comics! Pretty soon you'll be able to pre-order a calendar of the Sexy Ladies of CCS, drawn by each other pin-up style! Stay tuned dear readers, it's getting real.


  1. OMG, Rachel in her fancy-slip.
    Bethybot, these are amazing and I can't wait to see the whole thing.

  2. haha yep. i couldn't find my pictures of her posing but i found that same slip online. craaaaacks me up.

  3. These are hyLARical! Particularly like Rachel's "angry face" throughout her youth. Memories...
    P.S. Her middle name is "A-D-R-I-E-N-N-E."
    P.P.S. What, no fur outfits?!?

  4. Nice work. If you poke around my work at www.illdave.com/comic books/ you'll see a lot of what happens when you DON'T do character design.