Books, Books, Books!

Friends, Family, Fun Internet Folks! School has begun, the pressure has been applied and hopefully we'll all make it to May alive. My spaghettio's story has officially been accepted in the Boston Comics Roundtable FOOD Anthology, and it should be ready to debut at MICE on September 25th. (A Boston Comic Con that I'm attending, if you want a book but won't be at the convention be sure to stalked their website) Also Bailliwik Number 8 is officially SOLD OUT! So I hope you got one.

I'm working on building a store for you all to be able to buy my books and join my Book-A-Month club but that is slow goings. Keep your eyes peeled for a store button to pop up! In the meantime, here's the NEW limited edition cover of Sunday: of apples and blood oranges

AND a sneak peak of the SUMMER collection of the Book-A-Month club!

I'll be giving previews and pages of my Thesis as they're completed. So soon you won't just see photos of comics, you'll SEE comics!

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  1. UURRGGHH! I don't see where to purchase the book with you in it on their website!!!