Sing a Long Tonight!

Iiiiiiiiiit's Wednesday! Internet, so much has happened since last Wednesday, I don't know if I even know where to begin!

Step One: COMICS!
here's the next page of my dream comic:

Step Two: WEEKEND!
This past weekend Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett, Ben Horak and I hopped a bus and headed south to Massachusetts. We were tabling in Boston at MICE with a ton of other CCSers.

It was a really great con! Plenty of traffic, plenty of friends, and plenty of great signage to keep people moving. I got to meet superfan Eric Barry, and saw former CCS summer workshoper Kristin as well as make a lot of new acquaintances! I'm in the new Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology (as ya'll know) but it DEBUTED! Check out da cover! And soon it'll be on sale at their website.

Step Three: SURPRISE!
Internet, I don't know many people in Boston... maybe like two. So I thought it was super crazy when I saw someone I recognized in the crowds, let alone two someones...These two particular someones also knew Josh...Any guesses as to who these two fellas are?

Internet, do you know what my top five favorite bands are of all time?
I'll tell you:
Number two
Harry and the Potters
Number three
The Pixies
Number four
Flight of the Conchords
Number five
Tenacious D

Paul and Joe DeGeorge make up, Harry and the Potters. They were at the con, they're totally rad guys who let a complete spaz of a Beth take a picture with them, AND they invited all of us to a secret show that, bless my friends hearts, they let me drag them to.

This secret show was for a website called Sleepover Shows where these guys have bands over to their house and they play cool shows.
This week was Harry and the Potters.

They made us pancakes, and a song about pancakes, and we fought a basilisk together to save Ginny Weasley!

and then after the filming was done and the pancakes were eaten, they played a show just for us (about 15 people) of straight up requests. I nerded out a little too much and requested more songs than I should have, but OH WELL. Here's a funny mash up with Felix Felicis and I Get Wet by Andrew WK. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. The video of them playing won't be posted for several weeks still but I'll keep you updated friends.

The remainder of our time in Boston was really great. Josh's friend's Zack and Molly who let us stay on their floor were really fantastic people and Zack took us to a comic shop and through Harvard campus and we got to see and eat some veggies he grew.

Then we got back on the bus and came back to the Junc

but clearly that's the face of someone who had her weekend rocked...



Internet, you're amazing. I want you to know that every Wednesday I have a class called Professional Practices taught by the one and only ALEC LONGSTRETH and dudes, it always gets me so jazzed about the future, about comics, about the internet... about everything.

So internet, I'm going to propose... Every Wednesday, I will update this blog.

In the honor of Wednesday, welcome to an update!

This weekend, I will be in Boston, at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) tabling with Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett and Ben Horak and a short distance away are homies Jen Vaughn and Nomi Kane If you're in the area, please please please stop by and say hello!

I'm still waist deep in only the thumb-nailing part of my Thesis Project, but we have to have 16 pages of comics for October 11th, and I'll be able to post those... in the mean time, though, we had to make dream comics. Here are the first two pages of mine! Enjoy, and tell your friends that I exist!

(ps-that is Jon Chad... just wait dear readers... just wait!)


Spoil You Rotten!

Holy cow another blog post! Two in two days!?
Blog readers, you better make an appointment with the dentist because I'm treatin' you SOOO SWEET!

Sneak-a-peak at some Character Sheets for my Thesis? Yes, have some!
Some of you you know me in real life will notice that these three characters look rather FAMILY-iar.... (how hokey could I make this post... I don't know it's not done yet...)

Coming soon the store will be gaining some sweet things to buy! Tell your friends, if you like my stuff. More readers = more comics! Pretty soon you'll be able to pre-order a calendar of the Sexy Ladies of CCS, drawn by each other pin-up style! Stay tuned dear readers, it's getting real.



DUDES I made a hand-out for CCS about how to make a hidden book!
Check out the blog post and some of the images for the book!

Coming this weekend:
New stuff at the store! Character sheets for my new book! Info about a convention I'm attending! And a Dream Comic!


Help I need somebody

hey ya'll! My family is walking in the Wisconsin Alzheimer's and Dementia walk on Sunday the 19th and I CAN'T BE THERE! So in an effort to support my family and feel like I'm not just remote support, I need YOUR help, faithful blog readers.

Follow THIS LINK to donate to Team Gullo as they walk for my Uncle (who recently was diagnosed with early onset of Dementia) and several others in our family and friends who have been affected by these conditions.

Thanks dudes... Time to get real:

Uncle Jeff and a wax sculpture of Hue Heffner

Uncle Jeff is such an extremely loving man. His family lives in California and until just before I graduated High School, we didn't really have much contact with him, his wife Kara, and his children (my supremely excellent cousins, Emma and Sam). When we finally got to fly out there as a family and holy cow. It was like, looking into a magic portal of genes. Their family behaved so much like ours in how they functioned, cared about each other, picked on each other, their jokes, their family meals... things they are really passionate about... everything. I remember distinctly thinking after the first day 'my god, it's like we never left home.' Uncle Jeff has always been really supportive of my comics and me going to Art school and Kara reads my stuff (and probably this blog right now) Emma and Sam are really into theatre right now and it's great hearing and talking shop about the frustrations of being a Stage Manager.

He was a film editor for some really all star movies and he really really I MEAN REALLY cares about putting together a great film. Even if it sucks, you can see his ability to weave a story out of utter shit. He was diagnosed with Diabetes when he lost feeling in both his hands. He ended up having to get a pretty intense hand operation on both hands which although was successful in saving his hands their mobility is highly limited. This prevents him from doing editing anymore, and many other things that he cares about. And now to hear this recent news... well, I mean the least I can do is write this. I regret a lot that I can't be home to help support my family right now.

He's my mom's baby brother, my uncle, a father, a husband, a son and much more, but he's also in need. So if you're reading this, I hope you follow that link and help donate to the cause. Thanks.


Books, Books, Books!

Friends, Family, Fun Internet Folks! School has begun, the pressure has been applied and hopefully we'll all make it to May alive. My spaghettio's story has officially been accepted in the Boston Comics Roundtable FOOD Anthology, and it should be ready to debut at MICE on September 25th. (A Boston Comic Con that I'm attending, if you want a book but won't be at the convention be sure to stalked their website) Also Bailliwik Number 8 is officially SOLD OUT! So I hope you got one.

I'm working on building a store for you all to be able to buy my books and join my Book-A-Month club but that is slow goings. Keep your eyes peeled for a store button to pop up! In the meantime, here's the NEW limited edition cover of Sunday: of apples and blood oranges

AND a sneak peak of the SUMMER collection of the Book-A-Month club!

I'll be giving previews and pages of my Thesis as they're completed. So soon you won't just see photos of comics, you'll SEE comics!