We wish you a Merry Thesis

Hope everyone had a great holiday, got lots of goodies and spent JUST the right amount of time with family without going overboard. Between Christmas and relatives I've been sneaking away to work on pages because it'll be a Christmas Miracle if I can meet my page deadline!

But until then, here is more of the story, we're gettin' awfully close to running out of pages to post...



Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy s'more of my Thesis work


Personalized Original Artwork...

SEMESTER OVER! Oh man, only one left for this crazy ride called Cartoon College!!! But here's some comics.

Book A Month-ers, November and December are drawn but not printed due to issues with the school copiers. Hopefully this will be solved before I depart for the midwest for the Holiday!


a thousand centuries

GUESS WHAT'S COMING!? some stuff from my thesis again! Oh boy!!!

For now, sleep plus one last presentation tomorrow. Also a great surprise will be unveiled!


any press is good press?

If you haven't seen it, see it from me...

Bad Review of 'Snow Angels' from the 365 zines guy

hopefully I can send him something else and I'll have improved since then?


Be Gone with it!


Meet Kirtas...(pronounced Keer-tahs)

These are the robots that live in a factory in Chester, Vermont. They are who I'm fixing books for. This company takes their robots and scan in every page of the books I'm working on and are turning it into a digital file. Here are some videos of the robots Doin' their robotty thing. (sorry they're sideways!)


What am I watching Beth?!
Well a book is resting in what's called a Cradle (just the sort of trough it's placed in) two air jets on either side of the far right set of pages are called 'Fluffers' (har) and they blow air through the text block so the pages don't stick together. Two clamps appear at the head and the foot of the book to hold the pages open for the camera (located at the top of the robot) can take clean images of each page. Once both pages are photographed (very quickly) a robot arm with a vacuum-like suction reaches over, the clamps release and it turns the page. A human operator stands by and helps flatten out the page for the camera. I mean come on, robots are for getting a job done, not for smoothing silly non-robot pages!

These machines document over 100 pages in 10 minutes and have already photographed 10.5 million pages in the series I'm currently working on restoring at Dartmouth. AWESOME!

But about this 'comics' thing I'm doing...this next week I'm giving a presentation about my Thesis to the whole school as well as a presentation of my Professional Practices Project to my class. Once all of that is over, I'll be posting pages I've worked on again!

Blog posts come and blog posts go, but I hope you don't leave forever!


accio sneak peak!

Phew, now that I've seen Harry Potter twice, we can get back to some comics. Here is a sneak peak of my posters that both advertise and explain my thesis project. They are going to be hung on the wall in the Gallery here at school and then starting the first week of December, we Seniors will be giving presentations about our thesis projects. Nerve wracking yes, but exciting also.

This picture is kinda blurry on uh.... PURpose.... because I don't want to give it ... away? lol Or I'm not so great at holding still...


a mission to please...

can't blog... too exited for Harry Potter! update this weekend! (but not about HP incase some of you haven't seen it....



attention readers. this blog is being effed up and i'm not sure why. so here are come comics. but boo hiss i'm working on it.

to be concluded!


player, PLAYYYY

YEAH! I'm doing it! updating my blogggg!! With a double dose of comics because I forgot I had started doing that two weeks ago...


(well ALMOST a double dose... don't want to spoil anything...)


A Mystery!

INTERNET, oh my oh my oh my!

It's thursday. And there was NO post yesterday! and this one is short. HOWEVER I just started my new job at dartmouth and I've been pretty exhausted, but here is an excellent training video I had to watch...Murder In the Stacks!



Just kidding, I got a B... B is for Beth is what I'm assume this blogger dude meant BUT a review none the less!


Just say I do

I had to share... tiny room...

that is all.


Any other questions?

This week felt so crazy. Our due date for our 16 completed pages of comics was last week on Monday and before then, the LaCie (our school's communal external hard drive that we all keep everything on) crashed and burned. And on top of that my Flash Drive that had all of the work I did went missing. It was just technology disaster times a billion. BUT things are better, the flash drive was recovered, I handed in my pages, completed my Nomad deadline a day early (YES!) and then I promptly got sick.

After the emotional roller coaster of deadlines, this weekend was full of sleeping, slurping broth, and a lot of Harry Potter. However, the public face of Beth Hetland was bright and shinning as if she had never been diseased. For I was on the radio on Saturday morning (thanks to those who tuned in sooooo early). Thankfully that was pre-recorded. And on Monday, Sleepover Shows launched their Harry and the Potters episode that I was in! You'll be able to see my beaming face as I stand behind Harry Potter Year 4 and drink in their awesomeness!

Last night after I was finally feeling better our class was able to skype with Corey (who is our classmate who's doing Low Residency in China) we got to see his pages he's been working on and crit and basically just catch up. It was really good to see his face.

Anywhoo time for some comics, right?! Here are the first three pages of the 16 completed I did of my Thesis (which is still untitled)



Don't forget!
Tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 8am EST an interview with myself and Josh Kramer
will be airing!
Tune in and count how many times I say 'like'!!! lol (Click here to listen!)

AND these Lady Calendars are sellin' like Hot Cakes! Only 4 left! get 'em fast! those who ordered already, THEY'RE IN THE MAIL!!!


And now the dramatic conclusion of... BETH'S DREAM COMIC!

This past week we had our first deadline for our Thesis! It was an intense last few days of staying up way too late, computer's and printers malfunctioning, and hard drives and flash drives 'Thelma and Louise-ing' it outta here. BUT we all made it and now I have a beautiful fat stack of comics to read through!

Last Friday I got some of the most exciting news of my life. I am officially hired at the Dartmouth campus working in their Book Preservation department! I'm going to be working on a special project called 'The Readex' project, where I'll be binding and restoring these ancient tomes of every piece of knowledge about the United States starting from like the very beginning of time! And it's not just like typed pages of blah blah blah, it's like an entire book of scientific illustrations of all the plant life of the North East, or giant 10 foot maps that unfold from books that are from the Lewis and Clark expedition! INCREDIBLE! And helloooooo Binding books for dollaz! $$$

I also just sent out my first batch of sketches for the book I'm illustrating for Nomad press, which is pretty fun! It's all about Garbage and Recycling! (aka a lot of talking garbage!)

And, dear readers, if you are so inclined, this Saturday morning myself and Josh Kramer will be on the radio being interviewed about comics and what we're doing at The Center for Cartoon Studies! You can listen HERE! It will air at 8am EST on Saturday morning, and it runs about an hour long.

Now I will leave you with the MOST exciting news of the year. In case you didn't know, internet friends, our school has this excellent teacher who works here. And he's obsessed with Pinball. In fact he's such a fanatic that he actually purchased and fixed up a Medieval Madness Pinball Machine and put it in our Studio. Half of the money raised in the pinball machine will go to a lucky pair of seniors to help them pay for their Thesis print costs! (AND IT'S A SUPER DUPER FUN GAME!

Last night I called Jon Chad, and it went something like this...
B= Hey Jon Chad!
J= What's up?
B= you... uh... you get that thing?
J=Oh yeah, just got back... you wanna play it...?
B= I'm outside your door.


The baby and the proud papa checking the manual


Needless to say, I'm super-duper pumped, and this week ruled...!

Also I only have 5 Ladies of CCS calendars left! Get 'em while they're hooooottt!!!


Just tell me which way you like that...

As my excellent older sister Alison so delicately put...'It's Wednesday, I want blog!' Here friends, is a BLOGGGG.

First and foremost, the penultimate page of my Dream Comic:

This past week has been chalk-full of comics, but I haven't scanned any of them. WHAT GIVES? We have our first deadline next Monday. We have to have 16 pages of finished art, we can include our dream comics, eff that. Mine will all be pages from the middle of my 'Development' section of my Fugue... WOAH, hold the phone, BH. You're making a FUGUE?
I certainly am.

What's it about? You will have to wait and see! BUT here is a sneaky sneak peek of what kept me up last night: Take a wild guess as to who that is with that haircut of all things?!

Other new things: I've been going roller skating every weekend, because it rules. And I'm getting muchos better. We want to start a cartoonist Derby League! I've also been working on some top secret things that are due on Friday, but that's a for real secret. And perhaps a new path in life may open up early next week. I promise to keep you posted internet friends. I purchased Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds. it. is. a.maze.ing.

Last but not least, don't forget to PRE-ORDER your Ladies of CCS Pin-Up calendar from the store on this site. I'm only ordering 10, get 'em while they're hot! Beth OUT!


Sing a Long Tonight!

Iiiiiiiiiit's Wednesday! Internet, so much has happened since last Wednesday, I don't know if I even know where to begin!

Step One: COMICS!
here's the next page of my dream comic:

Step Two: WEEKEND!
This past weekend Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett, Ben Horak and I hopped a bus and headed south to Massachusetts. We were tabling in Boston at MICE with a ton of other CCSers.

It was a really great con! Plenty of traffic, plenty of friends, and plenty of great signage to keep people moving. I got to meet superfan Eric Barry, and saw former CCS summer workshoper Kristin as well as make a lot of new acquaintances! I'm in the new Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology (as ya'll know) but it DEBUTED! Check out da cover! And soon it'll be on sale at their website.

Step Three: SURPRISE!
Internet, I don't know many people in Boston... maybe like two. So I thought it was super crazy when I saw someone I recognized in the crowds, let alone two someones...These two particular someones also knew Josh...Any guesses as to who these two fellas are?

Internet, do you know what my top five favorite bands are of all time?
I'll tell you:
Number two
Harry and the Potters
Number three
The Pixies
Number four
Flight of the Conchords
Number five
Tenacious D

Paul and Joe DeGeorge make up, Harry and the Potters. They were at the con, they're totally rad guys who let a complete spaz of a Beth take a picture with them, AND they invited all of us to a secret show that, bless my friends hearts, they let me drag them to.

This secret show was for a website called Sleepover Shows where these guys have bands over to their house and they play cool shows.
This week was Harry and the Potters.

They made us pancakes, and a song about pancakes, and we fought a basilisk together to save Ginny Weasley!

and then after the filming was done and the pancakes were eaten, they played a show just for us (about 15 people) of straight up requests. I nerded out a little too much and requested more songs than I should have, but OH WELL. Here's a funny mash up with Felix Felicis and I Get Wet by Andrew WK. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. The video of them playing won't be posted for several weeks still but I'll keep you updated friends.

The remainder of our time in Boston was really great. Josh's friend's Zack and Molly who let us stay on their floor were really fantastic people and Zack took us to a comic shop and through Harvard campus and we got to see and eat some veggies he grew.

Then we got back on the bus and came back to the Junc

but clearly that's the face of someone who had her weekend rocked...



Internet, you're amazing. I want you to know that every Wednesday I have a class called Professional Practices taught by the one and only ALEC LONGSTRETH and dudes, it always gets me so jazzed about the future, about comics, about the internet... about everything.

So internet, I'm going to propose... Every Wednesday, I will update this blog.

In the honor of Wednesday, welcome to an update!

This weekend, I will be in Boston, at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) tabling with Josh Kramer, Pat Barrett and Ben Horak and a short distance away are homies Jen Vaughn and Nomi Kane If you're in the area, please please please stop by and say hello!

I'm still waist deep in only the thumb-nailing part of my Thesis Project, but we have to have 16 pages of comics for October 11th, and I'll be able to post those... in the mean time, though, we had to make dream comics. Here are the first two pages of mine! Enjoy, and tell your friends that I exist!

(ps-that is Jon Chad... just wait dear readers... just wait!)